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Hello Everyone

Hello Steemians, how are you all? I am sure that you will all be well. May Allah give you all a lot of progress and increase your knowledge and skills a lot.


Morning 🌅🌄

I woke up at 5:23 in the morning as I woke up I cleaned my face and then I went to pray in the mosque as soon as I reached the mosque I performed ablution and then prayed Fajr in congregation.

Morning Walk 🌸

At six o'clock, at 44 minutes I went out for a morning walk with my younger brother. The morning walk we did very well and in the best way. The morning time was not so cold today and not so much. It was pleasant. Today's weather was not lovely. It was getting very hot. It was getting very hot in the morning.


After the morning walk, the two of us returned to our house, washed our hands and started eating. Breakfast was very good and delicious.


Visited the Dairy farm

I have been thinking of visiting the dairy farm for many days. Today I called out that I will definitely visit the dairy farm today.
There was a big dera farm near my village which had a lot of cows and buffaloes. I went to the dairy farm to visit the dairy farm.
As I arrived at the dairy farm, I saw a very beautiful cow calf, some white, which looked very cute.
The owner was watering the calf. The white calf was too young to drink, so the owner was watering it himself.
I saw a lot of buffaloes and cows on the dairy farm that give very good milk. The cows on the dairy farm looked very healthy.
I visited the dairy farm very well. All the dairy
animals were very healthy and very healthy.
I sincerely thank the owner of the dairy farm for allowing me to visit the dairy farm.





come back home 🏠🏡

After a good visit to the dairy farm, I came back to my house and got busy with my work. When it was time for the evening call, I went to the mosque to pray. After praying, I came back to my house and in the evening Ate and slept to rest at night.

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Thanks Everyone 😊

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Depalpur going globally famous

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Thanks everyone 😊❤️

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excelente amigo

Assalam o Alaikum Qadeer Arif Depalpur k kon sy village sy belong krty ho

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Churasta mian khan sa sir

Muy bien amigo...

your diary game is so good. Your buffaloes are very beautiful i liked your buffaloes are very nice

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Thank you so much 💕🥰

Woow I love the way you arranged your diary game . indeed your day was great and you are a hard working gentle man

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Thank you bro

I like your diary game .

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Amazing farm

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Execlent 👌

Good work 🏃🏃🏃👍🏻

Good work my dear very nice.