The dairy game 11.06.2021 // three-milk animal and their children

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The beauty of the cow and the fragrance of their milk

The list of cows that I remember is very tremendous, we have groundnut type cow in lakhs as it is very expensive and cheap as it is of Sahiwal breed, it is very expensive cow. And the children of the cows are very beautiful In these the weather is such quality, the beauty of the quality is and they also have the quality of muesli in giving milk. The child of a cow is born very beautiful, people like them very much, especially when they are small, people try hard to buy them and keep it with them Just and just it is just its beauty. Muesli type breeds of cows are found There are some planets that give 3 to 5 kg milk at a time The milk they have is a little cheaper than that of a buffalo and a little less than that.

Beauty of buffalo and Benefits of milk

The buffalo that is other than us is very expensive. People keep them with them very fondly That's why keep it with you that it gives milk and their milk is very strongly and powerful, people drink it very fondly. Their milk is also very expensive, in every house tea is made from their milk and people drink tea with great passion. In these, different types of Breeds are found, some are expensive, some are true, but those found in our area are very expensive. And their meat is very funny, people eat their meat with great passion. Oy these meat is also expensive but still people eat with passion The children they have are mostly black in color, they are very beautiful, they are small, if they also have the issue of male and female, which are males, people buy them especially for meat and sell them further.

Difference between goat and goat and benefits of its meat

This is the difference between goat and goat Goat gives milk, it is not so much, but it is very beneficial, people also raise it from the square, also drink its milk with passion. Among these, the liberated lip is found in kiss, some are expensive, some are cheap, but when it comes to our Eid, it is sold very expensive because its meat is available only above one thousand kilos. Many people keep it in their homes on the occasion of Eid and collect it on the occasion of sacrifice on Eid. There is a lot of power in its meat, people eat it as a power and also use it for marriage.




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