The dairy game: My Day and my environment by @starrchris

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Hello all Steemians how did your day go, mine went well.After a long sleep which ended by 7:30 am, I went outside to fetch water, came in took my at bath, then i brushed my tooth, came out dressed on my Sunday attire and went for service. The service took approximately 3 hours, after Sunday service i went home to eat and read for my upcoming exams after which i took my clothes and bags to wash because that is the only free time i will be having to wash because I will be busy at the office from Monday to Saturday




After which i was sitting outside the veranda on a tall stool. Watching birds and insect move around those in group band those who moved individually looking for food, mate and home,receiving fresh air, watching the environment, admiring nature, gisting(charting) with friends and neighbors






A bird laying eggs

Later in the evening i went to charge my phone cause the was no electric light and i am out of fuel so i charged at a saloon nearby then came back to pick it up by 10 pm, went into the house and began to write this post on steemit



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