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hello fellow steemians
by i would like to share my “today” with you.
So basically today i woke up at 7:00 am.I didn’t prayed at time because all members of family woke up late.Don’t know why,no one prayed at time.So after i woke up i took my daily shower,then started praying.


Then i had my breakfast.We usually eat chapatis(rotis) & after having the normal breakfast,i watched “good morning j & k” with my family.It’s a show that our whole family watches.


it lasts from 8:00am till 9:00am.
So after watching this whole show i went in my room to study.Not long untill Dad calls me and says we have to go to the fields for applying fertilizers.So without further ado i went with him towards our field.And trust me its too high from the ground level.Our village is at 1590 elevation,and our field is at 1680 elevation.Its on the top of the mountain.No vehicle can reach there,so we had to carry fertilizer on our shoulders.Its almost a 1km long,and elevating at every inch and those narrow and unmaintained roads made it a very tuff one.So these are my pics with the fertilizer.




Then at almost 1:00pm we went back home after applying fertilizer to our whole field.I was feeling so much tired and dizzy, i did prayed and then went to sleep.Woke up at almost 4:00pm.
Then i went out to get some fresh air.i saw my friends playing cricket,So i also played for an hour.came back home,abluted,then went to prayers
Came back home had my evening tea
Then i started working on a drawing,i have been drawing this since last night,In almost half an hour it was ready.



Now then i went to the shop to buy noodles,came back home and prepared them.
Watched movie (godzilla vs kong) while having noodles.




Now it was time for prayers went to the mosque and prayed then came home had my dinner
Dinner =Rice+tomato soup+cheese
Then i binge wathed my flash season 2 i am currently on episode 5


Now here i am with all my day
hope you do like it
see you tomorrow
have a nice day up ahead.

at last i would like to thank @cryptokannon for supporting my last diary game that motivated me alot.

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 7 months ago 

The drawing is great!

What do you have planted on your field? I can imagine it takes a lot of work to grow your own food, especially if you have to climb up every day to arrive to the field, but it has to give a lot of satisfaction as well, isn't it?

Have a marvelous day!

#affable #argentina

 7 months ago 

thanks 🙏
our field has corn peas apple pear.
yes it gives satisfaction but it also exhausted us all

bro looking at your posts seems like you have come a long way
#affable #india

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