Art and Creativity: It's a Good Time to Get Some Work Done!

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While the world is going crazy and melting down, it's easy to get caught up in all the fear mongering. But seriously, there's more to life than running around in a circle, losing your nut because you only have 3,455 rolls of toilet paper started away...

Kidding aside, the sort of "voluntary quarantine" (or "social distancing" as officialdom calls it) that's being recommended is actually not such a bad thing for most artists and creatives... it's actually an indirect invitation to get some creative work done.

"Signs of Spring I"

Let's face it, if you don't really feel safe going anywhere, and your favorite sporting events are being canceled left, right and center... why not use this mandated "spare time" to create something?

I know both my artistic and writing endeavors have often suffered from the excuse that I "don't have time," on account of having to go out and do other things. Well, now I don't. Or at least not as much as before.

Besides, writing, art, making music or any other creative endeavor is a welcome change from just sitting around worrying, without actually doing anything with yourself, aside from acting like a demented fly in a bottle!

"Signs of Spring II"

A Quick Pitch for Steempeak...

In other news, I would like to suggest to anyone who reads this that you start using @steempeak for your endeavors in — and surfing of — the Steemosphere.

With all the uncertainty surrounding Steemit, Inc. and the future of Steemit (the front end, NOT meaning the Steem blockchain) it might be advisable to get used to using a different entry point.

Besides, Steempeak is a far more intuitive interface that works a lot more like a "regular" blogging site than Steemit. And it has a lot more nice features... including the ability to create multiple drafts of posts and scheduling posts for future publication.

"Signs of Spring III"

And while you're added, why not give Steempeak's own witness a vote? I know you're probably sick to death of hearing pitches for witnesses, but it only makes sense to me to support the people who created the interface I am using!

Well, a somewhat brief post today... I'm going to take some time to go create now. I hope you decide to follow suit!

Thanks for reading!



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