Alaskan Beach Balls 🔴 Entry for #monomad challenge

in Black And Whitelast year


Rusty metal buoys along the Cook
inlet beach by the Kasilof river
last April in Alaska.


Mostly see plastic buoys used, tho
some metal ones are still around.


They are about five feet tall.


In living color versions
with all there rustiness.


Few weeks later someone came
and took several of them!




#monomad hosted @monochromes
by @brumest
Black And White Community


Thank you @otage for the cool street name!


© Photos & words by @shasta March 7th 2020 10:01 PM O'rock Alaska


Manually curated by the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you so very much @qurator! :-)

What a fascinating find! Love these shots!

Thank you so much ❤ @thekittygirl! :-)
Hope all is well your way!

Awesome shots and edits @shasta!! I've never seen metal ones before..they look pretty cool! I love the way they came out in black and white, sitting on the sand like that. 💖

Thank you very much ❤ @deerjay! :-)
Everytime we go there I just love taking pictures of
them, sometimes I rap my knuckles on them to hear
there metal sounds, so much more fun than plastic! lol

You're very welcome @shasta and I would so do that too if I 🙂

Wow ! That is really big !

I wouldn't mind having one in y yard. LOL !

Thank you ❤ @jacey.boldart! :-)
Oh you and me both! These beach balls would
be great yard ornaments!

Great shots Shasta. Those metal buoys are rare.

Thank you ❤ @redheadoei! :-)
They are pretty rare indeed, as the plastic
ones seem to be everywhere, only a few spots
have some metal ones left. Even seen some still
in use over by Kenai river mouth.

There's something both archaic and otherworldly about those buoys in black and white.

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Congratulations @shasta

Thank you so much ❤ @momzillanc! :-)
''archaic and otherworldly'' awesome description!
I was surprised how they looked in black and white
like that, world of difference from the color!

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Thank you so very much ❤ @c-squared!! :-)

intresting stuff. thank you for capturing them, before someone takes away all that have been left!

Thank you @qwerrie! :-)
Will see how many are left this summer!
Hope all is well your way!

You decided to play bowling?

LOL you know I was thinking about that too @apnigrich!! :-)
Hope all is well your way!

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