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From 200USD and having 36 USD in profit ant current time, I can say although it took a bit long time, but if compare to I trade manually, I believe this result is hard to achieve.

With pionex, I can feel comfort to let the bot to trade for me.


As you can see above picture pionex bit will help you do set all the buy and sell price depending when you enter the market. So if you are entering the market when the price is low, boom... You will fly to the moon if the price hike up.

Recently hike makes everything easy to get and I believe if you are crypto trader like me, you will miss a lot of hike when you are trading manually.

Different with Future markets, this bot is a spot trader bots, so no worry, it is considered low risk. Of course there are few bots inside for you to trade, but for me now, grid trading is enough as I can't take too high risk investment.

So for those who are person same like me which is part time trader, you can try this method.

  • This is not financial advise

Thank you and hope you like my sharing for this trading bot.

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