What is the decentralization in Steem Community ? The more, the better.

In short, I don't think the Steem community have been decentralized until now from its's start.

Old witnesses urged that the decentralization was destroyed by Justin Sun, but before Justin Sun, the Steem community was decentralized ?

Old witnesses were just one powerful group IMO.

Now with the appearance of Justin Sun, the Steem community seemed to be more decentralized.

In the current situation, the problem we face at is the confrontation between the old witnesses and Justin Sun.

So, IMO, third party needed for negotiating both parties.

The more witnesses groups are, the safer the Steem Community will be.

I hope the exchange take part in the witness group, and the witnesses in wide global area must be included in.

I wish this not wise stalemate be ended ASAP.

We have lots of things to do for further development.


Hi @slowwalker

This message pops up and prompts us to use another website.
What does that tell us, it is the same as saying to all the members that we are now on the war path.This is not the right solution.

The Steemit.com website is now owned by Justin Sun who has been trying to take over and destroy the decentralized governance of the Steem blockchain. As a result, we are asking that all Steem community members switch to using other websites to interact with the Steem blockchain such as steempeak.com, busy.org, or esteem.app. We also encourage you to cast your votes for the real community-chosen witnesses, or proxy your vote to @steem-keychain. We appreciate your help in ensuring that the Steem blockchain will always be run and governed by the community!

And you'll even get a nice badge if you downvote Sunny boy.

I don't think that is a nice idea.

Very true @slowwalker, NOW we are more decentralized as before. Because As long as a small group of witness can decide about the whole Blockchain, than we are centralized, never mind the servers are on different places in the world. Its like Amazon and they server are across the globe and yes, the company itself have many offices on the world. NOW, the servers around the world belong not any more to only Amazon ( old Witness), it belongs as well to another company. Its not about decentralizes where the servers are, its about the people whos running the servers.

20 Witness can decide about the money and ownership of thousands of people at steemit. That's very dangerous and centralized.

Example: If Bitcoin runs only by 20 Server, how afraid the people will be about they money? I am sure they will be very afraid, because 20 people can decide about the whole system and billions of dollars..... Does anyone think the world will use Bitcoin than as a global payment system and freedom currency? Of course not.....

AGAIN: Its same like Visa Card. Many of us was using visa Cards in the past with crypto. One day of the other, the cards was useless, because Visa stop the use of the cards, because of they problem with another company. Never mind the server from Visa are not only at 1 city. A Small group decided to stop this service with this crypto cards. Same it is here in Blue.....

This Fight show us the weakness of our system Steemit. Not more, not less. Now its the time to change this and go further in improvement.

Thank you for your opinion, I agree with you.

I agree 100%

Thank you, my old friend.

You are always welcome

Hopefully Steem can be revived in some form.

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