A beautiful flower park I visited some two month ago

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Few days ago we made a short trip.Our destination was from barasat to barackpore.Barrackpore is a historical city.The first arm-movement had been occured at here.The movement is called Sepoy mutiny.Mingal Pandey was the leader of the mutiny.This place now is a core city for police training and military barrack.Basically we went there to refresh our mind and do some photography.Many day later we went out for doing photography.It was a nice afternoon.We started our journey with five people including me.
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Nikon D5600Barackpore25.02.2021

To reach barrackpore we found a very beautiful park.The park is situated on the bank of river ganges,Ganges is the holy river of India.It has a very beautiful atmosphere.There are many beautiful flowers.All looks so alive and attractive.I took some photos of them.Here I shared some of them.


Bunga yang indah

The way you capture the picture Really have i have to appreciate that

 7 months ago 

Thanks for yr nice comment.

 7 months ago 

Beautiful flower photos. I really like the beauty of flowers. and many people will also like it.

has this been edited, I like taking the picture

 7 months ago 

খুবই চমৎকার গঠনশৈলী এবং দেখতে বেশ আকর্ষনীয় লাগছে ফুলগুলো। তবে হ্যা,দারুন ফটোগ্রাফি এটা অবশ্যই বলতে হবে। ধন্যবাদ ভাই

 7 months ago 

Very lovely Bungga @blacks

The way you snap these images seems to have learned ability and they all look really very interesting and extraordinary.

my greetings @deltasteem from Indonesia

Honestly all these pictures can describe clearly that how Almighty has blessed us with beautiful assets to decorate this world.amazing pictures.

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