The Diary Game Contest Week II : Helping a Old Man who sells snacks for living

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In our life we get happiness in many different ways. we go out with our family or friends , we help a needy person , we score good marks in exams etc can all be a reason for our happiness.

When we get these happiness that day become a memorable and beautiful day of our life.
So here i am to share one of my beautiful day from my life.

It was a hot summer day of June 2020 , we all were going through a worse time of our life.
The corona virus was spreading and creating havoc all over the nation and everyone was sad.

One day in the afternoon i heard a old man speaking , " Namkeen Lo , Biscuit Lo , Bhujia Lo". ( He was selling snacks )

images - 2021-04-21T223018.576.jpeg


he was repeatedly saying this so i went out in my varanda to see who was the man in this hot summer season selling these snacks.

When i look at the old man i was amazed to see him because he was really old. he was holding two bags full of snacks and he was selling them.

I stopped the oldman and went down out of my house. I asked him that why is he selling these in this hot season of summer.

He then told me that he and his wife lives alone in a nearby area , he has no one who earns in the family so he has to do this for a living.
I asked him about if he has a son or a daughter and he smiled and said to me , " will you buy something beta "?

I said why not and i bought some snacks from him. I again asked him about his kids and this time he replied saying , " You are like my grandson and everyone who help me and buy something from me are like my son and daughter. ".

He hover his hand on my head and said god bless you beta and then went on his way selling those snacks again.

When the oldman put his hand on my head i felt very happy , i came back to my floor and sat on the chair thinking about that oldman.
I was very happy because i helped him and he was happy.

I was thinking about him for a long time that how he manages to hold so heavy bags full of snacks , he really inspired me.

I have seen people begging at very young age because they don't have a livelihood but there was this oldman who decided to sell snacks and earn a living and helping him not only made my day but it also inspired me.

Never give up and stay happy in every situation of your life. I learned this from that oldman.
So this was one of my beautiful day that i shared with all of you.

I Would like to thank @abduhawab and @blacks for bringing this contest on behalf of Beauty of Creativity Community.

Thank You.

 23 days ago 

Hi @md-rayyan, thank for the entry. Very touched story, but It is far better if you can provide us your original picture to make this story more alive.

 23 days ago 

I would love to do so but sadly i don't have any photo of that oldman. Insha Allah if someday i meet him again surely i will.