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RE: Why Steemians won't like Whaleshares [Updated]

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Whaleshares lost me when the rampant abuse of Haejin (and others) went unchecked and it became very obvious he (and they) would become the biggest whales on the platform.

Some of the other directions the devs took the platform didn't help either.

 2 years ago (edited)

We lost more than a few users due to the spamming and scamming. You could say the devs had too much faith in human kind.

Investors want to invest money and see their investment grow, they don't want to participate in the project they are investing their money in. With the old system in place however, they had to, there was no other way to make their investment grown unless they put some content out there and reward it themselves.
Scammers and spammers followed their lead, and together they ruined it for the creators who wanted to create and connect. Their posts were lost in an overload of crap posts.

After HF4 things have changed for the better. The elements to gamify earnings have been removed. The elements to influence post earnings in a negative way have been removed. Whaleshares is about engagement. Some like that, some don't. Still, there is room for everyone.

Instead of adding rules and restrictions, we decided to give everyone their own bag of money, on a daily basis. Now investors can just add that to their Whalestake and grow their investment without having to post a crap post, and creators can use (part of) it to grow their own account, and part of it to reward others. It is a pretty friendly world.

People thought "who is going to tip someone else" before it was implemented. It turned out a lot of people are willing to support others.

Like I said, it is a world completely different from other platforms. Changing a Steemit mindset to a Whaleshares mindset will take time.

If you will allow me to share a comment from a member who recently joined:


That is what we are trying to achieve, reward and support engagement.
It is fine for people to billboard, if they choose to, it just won't get them much support.

We still have some growing to do, no one will deny that.

Last time I checked the Whaleshares token had lost 99.99% of its value. It was for me a total waste of time and money. I appreciate what you're saying above but it's not really convincing enough for me to give it another look.

I have marked it down as a failed experimental fork and something we should learn from in what not to do.

No offence intended as I realise you are invested over there, but it's not for me. I still had more engagement with my communities here than I ever experienced on Whaleshares anyway.

No offence taken. Whaleshares is not about the money (yet), which makes it not for everyone.

Like I said Whaleshares had a rough start, things are different now. We experience both platforms differently, no harm done.

Don't be surprised when tipping is implemented in other chains though. At some point people will see the power of it.