Why Steemians won't like Whaleshares [Updated]

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The Absence of Flagging

That is right, we have no ways to express negativity. Okay, not completely true, we have a tip system instead of a reward system. People do use that to let you know they don't like you or your post, by tipping 0.001 WLS. But that is it. There is no harm done to your total rewards (in fact they increase a little), there is no harm done to your reputation. Speaking of reputation...

The Absence of Reputation

We don't do reputation either. You are free to browse the platform and buddy up with whomever you like, post about whatever you feel like. It is a live and let live situation. You like what you see? You tip it. You don't like what you see? Move on.

The Absence of Delay

The tip system is an instant reward system. No time wasted on figuring out how to make the most of curation, it is a tip, no financial returns are in place, but be prepared for great friendships. No days waiting for rewards to become available to claim. It is yours right away.

What if I don't like what I see?

You can leave a comment, if you want. Or mute the account.

What if I don't like what I hear?

We all know trolls like to drop in to leave a useless comment. To prevent that you can set your post to "Friends Only". Everyone can still tip you for your content, but only your friends can comment.

No resemblance with Steemit?

What is called RC is called DaBa, but works the same. This does mean when you start as a complete newbie with no friends to increase the initial stake provided, you will have one or two days of limitations. Introduction posts are rewarded pretty nicely, which should have you up to speed in no time.

[Edit: our devs just implemented a side-chain for content. This means the DaBa shortage for newbies is a thing of the past]

You could say what is called Community is called Pod, but our Pods are a lot stricter.

Still in Beta

It is a young platform, there is room for improvement, but hey we do have HTLC. Our coin is not worth as much as we would like. We are working on it.

In Short

If you are looking for a post and collect kind of system, overloaded with bots, flag wars, vote for votes and worse, then Whaleshares is not for you.

If you are looking for engagement and human interaction, give it a try. You are more than welcome.

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Great title - very catchy. I think the number one concern about moving to another platform is all the time and energy invested in prior platforms. It does feel scary to start at the bottom of the ladder.

Are those fears real? Maybe yes. Maybe no. But regardless, the fears feel real.

Fair enough. Fear does feel real. It doesn't cost anything though so for some it might be worth it to check it out. It definitely isn't for everyone but it's right for me.

Personally, as much as yes that can be a fearful state, on Whaleshares I've always found it to be an exciting one. I had a great time meeting people and growing my account when I was new, and now I have just as much fun meeting new people and helping them grow their accounts :)

Yes, I understand. The devs just implemented a side-chain for content. The burden of being short of DaBa when you start has been lifted now.

Starting over is a big thing. For those who like the writing but not the politics it could be an option.
Thanks for your comment.

The Whales are kinder in Whaleshares! 'Nuff said.

I fully agree with that.
At some point people will understand the way Whaleshares is organized creates a platform with more freedom, more positivism and more supportive members without having a need for armies to fight scam and spam.
Thanks for your comment.

Where whaleshares lost me was the way you get the shares.. that exchange was offline rpc errors. And two sites steem and whaleshares is very confusing.

I like the you don't have to post to get rewards kind of thing. As and only friends can comment. It is a step to Facebook kind of way.

But I'm a steemian... I would pack my bags and live in the steemian village if there was one.

Ik snap het niet helemaal. Je bedoelt dat Rudex niet goed functioneerde?

Het is inderdaad meer de richting op van Facebook, maar toch ook weer anders.

Begrijpelijk dat iemand vasthoudt aan wat hij gewend is, en waar hij al langer deel van uit maakt.
En het is zeker niet voor iedereen. Het is wel een stuk relaxter, maar ook dat moet je maar net willen.

Bedankt voor je reactie.

Ik moest een wallet aanmaken ergens op een soort van rare Exchange die wallet had problemen om te syncen enzo... pfff veel te moeilijk... toen haakte ik af...

Zorg dat whaleshares op andere Exchanges komt zoals bittrex...

Het moet juist voor iedereen zijn. Een stap richting fb is een goeie denk ik.

Maar goed ik ben ook maar ik.. ik zou sowieso meteen de witnesses en het voten aanpassen. Om steem capriolen te voorkomen.

De Bitshares wallet is al enige tijd geen onderdeel meer van de aanmelding. Het had niet zo zeer te maken met het platform als met de tokens die werden gebruikt. Maar ook die zijn verleden tijd.

Dat is dus het grappige, Whaleshares is voor iedereen. Op dit moment zijn we niet zo bezig met de munt, meer met de mensen. Dat is dan wel een verschil met Steemit.

Ik ben wel benieuwd hoe het hier verder gaat, of de community er sterker van wordt. Het is inderdaad een leermoment voor veel blockchain platformen.

Best een mooi betoog.

Dank je. Ik hoop dat het een beetje overkomt.

Whaleshares lost me when the rampant abuse of Haejin (and others) went unchecked and it became very obvious he (and they) would become the biggest whales on the platform.

Some of the other directions the devs took the platform didn't help either.

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We lost more than a few users due to the spamming and scamming. You could say the devs had too much faith in human kind.

Investors want to invest money and see their investment grow, they don't want to participate in the project they are investing their money in. With the old system in place however, they had to, there was no other way to make their investment grown unless they put some content out there and reward it themselves.
Scammers and spammers followed their lead, and together they ruined it for the creators who wanted to create and connect. Their posts were lost in an overload of crap posts.

After HF4 things have changed for the better. The elements to gamify earnings have been removed. The elements to influence post earnings in a negative way have been removed. Whaleshares is about engagement. Some like that, some don't. Still, there is room for everyone.

Instead of adding rules and restrictions, we decided to give everyone their own bag of money, on a daily basis. Now investors can just add that to their Whalestake and grow their investment without having to post a crap post, and creators can use (part of) it to grow their own account, and part of it to reward others. It is a pretty friendly world.

People thought "who is going to tip someone else" before it was implemented. It turned out a lot of people are willing to support others.

Like I said, it is a world completely different from other platforms. Changing a Steemit mindset to a Whaleshares mindset will take time.

If you will allow me to share a comment from a member who recently joined:


That is what we are trying to achieve, reward and support engagement.
It is fine for people to billboard, if they choose to, it just won't get them much support.

We still have some growing to do, no one will deny that.

Last time I checked the Whaleshares token had lost 99.99% of its value. It was for me a total waste of time and money. I appreciate what you're saying above but it's not really convincing enough for me to give it another look.

I have marked it down as a failed experimental fork and something we should learn from in what not to do.

No offence intended as I realise you are invested over there, but it's not for me. I still had more engagement with my communities here than I ever experienced on Whaleshares anyway.

No offence taken. Whaleshares is not about the money (yet), which makes it not for everyone.

Like I said Whaleshares had a rough start, things are different now. We experience both platforms differently, no harm done.

Don't be surprised when tipping is implemented in other chains though. At some point people will see the power of it.