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RE: Why Steemians won't like Whaleshares [Updated]

in WHALESHARES.IO2 years ago

Great title - very catchy. I think the number one concern about moving to another platform is all the time and energy invested in prior platforms. It does feel scary to start at the bottom of the ladder.

Are those fears real? Maybe yes. Maybe no. But regardless, the fears feel real.


Fair enough. Fear does feel real. It doesn't cost anything though so for some it might be worth it to check it out. It definitely isn't for everyone but it's right for me.

Personally, as much as yes that can be a fearful state, on Whaleshares I've always found it to be an exciting one. I had a great time meeting people and growing my account when I was new, and now I have just as much fun meeting new people and helping them grow their accounts :)

Yes, I understand. The devs just implemented a side-chain for content. The burden of being short of DaBa when you start has been lifted now.

Starting over is a big thing. For those who like the writing but not the politics it could be an option.
Thanks for your comment.