Question no2.

A choice between Bitcoin and USdollars?


what would u prefer.
isnt both the same thing.?
so do we need a currency at all .?
we can rather embed the idea of a currency into the core of our living.
and give up the currency in terms of a name to rely on.


lets us know your comments.
comment below.
a question like this will be posted everyday in one of the community that i randomly select on trending or by search.
follow me and wait cuz our own community is on the way where we mostly talk and share art of any form and philosophy ..
cheers guys.


You can't buy water from the store with bitcoins. Also dollars don't do 10x in 6 months. The choice is simple, you want both. Enough dollars to pay the bills, and some bitcoin for when you can buy an island.

Preferably with some cute girls.