Suspicious-looking link: Please do not click until we are sure its genuine.

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Two of SteemALive members just brought to my notice a comment they observed under their post which carries the above image. One of them @onos-steve saw it under his post below:

Like I adviced them, he has not clicked it. Please if you find such link, DO NOT CLICK until we get word from @steemitboard.

To @steemcurator01, @steemitboard

I am using this medium to alert @steemcurator01 of this particular link. Please help create awareness about the nature of this link - whether it is fake or real. We are eager to help our community members stay safe and avoid falling victim to phishing.

Looking to hear from you @steemcurator01 soonest.

Thank You @focusnow.


Great work. I am sure we'd soon get an update over this.

Thanks @haidermehdi. Be sure to warn your community subscribers about it. Safety first.

Post shared.. Thanks a lot.

Alright. Have a great Sunday!!!

Please rectify the spelling of steemcurator01. Thanks

Thanks for the info @focusnow. This reminds me, two days ago I was congratulated by @resteemsupport and was asked to join engine something something for more chances to have my posts resteemed but I don't understand it, please can you clarify me.

I will send you a direct message for that. Just beware of clicking any links promising free Steem. They might be after your keys to steal your fund. @meymeyshops

@focusnow thanks for this alert. Everyone really need to be careful about all these stuffs pupping up in other not to loose any fund.

Sure. Make sure to share the link with Lagos Steemians. @talktofaith

Yes I've already done that sir. I think it's helpful.

Thanks @focusnow, hacking has become commonplace now. We are going to breed steem security dogs for them.

Sure. Stay safe and avoid the links.

Thanks. I will

Thank you for your work and contribution to steem greeters project.