I think Bitcoin is currently only a reasonable and healthy adjustment stage. If it has been rising and there is no fluctuation, that is a bad omen. Fluctuations up and down are the expected posture of the cryptocurrency bull market. My research on cryptocurrency is very dependent on exchange research reports, which is very helpful for me to correctly judge the current market situation. I have been using and reading its research reports. The report mentioned that in the case of Bitcoin, institutional investors did not lose their confidence. The specific reaction is that the number of Bitcoin whale addresses has increased, indicating that large investors are still accumulating Bitcoin.

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I think there are many projects in the mainstream cryptocurrency field that are complementary, such as mainstream cryptocurrency and DeFi projects. Data shows that during the Bitcoin decline, the market value of DeFi projects has increased. Therefore, in my opinion, DeFi projects and institutions will occupy an important position in the future cryptocurrency field, such as the Dex wallet plan of the mainstream crypto exchange This just shows that mainstream projects and DeFi projects can coexist and complement each other.

A un que da un largo ciclo alcista durante los primeros 6 meses del 2021,abróchense los cinturones pronto veremos los 50000$.

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