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I don't know if this community still alive, or if someone from steemit really read post from this community, but i just want to give some suggestion.

  • Private message would be good to have
  • The ability to categorize my blog post also good to have
  • Toolbar in editor (instead of memorizing markdown code) will also good to have

All of that would help steemit for getting more user, as those will make this site more user friendly.
But yeah in the end i only hope someone will read my post, coz this community looks dead


Its. not dead. Its just a baby right now. Steem will be a giant one day.

it's alive, otherwise I wouldn't be able to post.

This is my first comment, I wish there was a place especially for newcomers. All of this information is kind of jarring, and considering there is money on the line it's a little unsettling that there isn't a gentler/friendlier UI. Or maybe I'm trippin.

welcome to the flow, catch up or drift :).

Hi! I believe that there are some real members here. We should unite, hah

apes together strong.

Hi! I believe that
There are some real members here.
We should unite, hah

                 - bilanio

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

me want gaming ! steemnova was fun, nextcolony interesting... I wanted to play the soccer game on hive, but those suckers want to highjack my browser with some shit addon. what a bunch of loser.

yes i notice hive has many games while here seems nonexistence. that should be my goal now, develop game for steem :D as i'll try to continue my cs50 course

no, hive has no playable game. and worst they ask us to high jack our browser with some kind of "keychain" addon while there was "hivesigner" working well... so...

personally if I was educated, smart, talented and dedicated enough I would try to do a Ogame using ressources credits here to automatize access to the game, in a sense that the "empire" could manage itself with little human inputs but with the chain... anyway... it's just an idea :D.

That is massive game u know, just thinking how much variable need to put in it already give me headache, lol. But a simple version of it will not be too hard to develop, just need a good amount of dedication.

Do you know distant worlds? it has same theme with games you mention above, but it is offline. I put countless hours in it.

yeah, beta 1.0 no need to have the ultra final top notch release at first... step by step...

no don't know distant worlds... do you know Mankind?

I had the same idea, since it's really hard to get feedback on what you are posting... Anyhow, you have my upvote!