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We are waiting in the wings to finally announce a date for our first App version. 😉📱 But you still have to be a bit patient with us. 🙏🏻⁠⁠
You all know 95% of the App is finished. Now we just need to fix minor adjustments. ⚙️💡⁠⁠
Our community will be the first to know the date - so make sure all our post notifications are turned on. 🏆👏🏻⁠⁠
App Launch'21 - Android first⁠

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Du hast ein Upvote von mir bekommen, diese soll die Deutsche Community unterstützen. Wenn du mich unterstützten möchtest, dann sende mir eine Delegation. Egal wie klein die Unterstützung ist, Du hilfst damit der Community. DANKE!

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great news. we have been waiting this news for long time! 👌

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