MenFun Contest #1 "Cooking Food" [80 STEEM in rewards]

Who says that Man cannot prepare good food?


Dear friends, we are officially starting with the Club! We start the Club with the contest for Men. We want to create a contest that we will enjoy and learn at the same time. This contest is about Men preparing a food. This contest series will be fun this is why it is named MenFun.

We are starting a weekly fun contest series form Men, it will be weekly and each week a different Fun Topic. This will last from 12th April to 19th April.

We know that you can make amazing pasta for sure, but we want to see more of your abilities. We want you to create a post on how you cook/prepare your food together with explanation and visualizations. There are some rules that you have to follow. There will be rewards of 80 Steem from our account, for three contents.

1st place: 50 Steem
2nd place: 20 Steem
3rd place: 10 Steem

• Make a post in the community of Steem Men's club , and subscribe to the community!
• Post must include the steps for preparing done by you, share the receipt and explain the steps.
• Use as much visualizations as you can, three images minimum.
• Use hashtags of #menfun1 #steemmensclub and your country (example: if you live in spain make it #spain)
• Use "MenFun Contest #1" on the title of your content
• Write your link of your post in the comment down below. (If you share your post in other Social Media make sure to write them too)
• Resteem this post
• Follow @steemmensclub @okanbey and @shadervan

Make sure to create a qualitative content, share your links also in other Social Media together with other links shared in other Social Media using #steemmensclub hashtag. Share original images, plagiarism is strictly forbidden.
Three best posts will be chosen and made public in the official account of @steemmensclub.

We plan to create different interesting activates, have fun and learn on our club. We are open for ideas, comments or anything that we can do in our Club. At the moment we are two people that we will manage this community. With time we aim to grow, for sure we will need more people to help us with ideas, management and so on.

From the introduction post payout curated by @steemcurator01 that we appreciate a lot, we will distribute 80 Steem for this contest and the rest will be transfer in our main account and we will Power Up. And continue to support members of our community.

Good luck to everyone.



Удачи, мужик! Я думаю что будут хорошие рецепты!

i imagine a lot of funny pictures right now in my head, that can be very funny. I'm curious what kind of stories will appear. Very good idea, I love it. !!

Hello there @e-r-k-a-n we call you to take part into this contest as well. Let's see what are your capabilities to cook :)

A great competition will hopefully have a lot of entries, the amount of prizes is very good. I wish you continued success🤣🙏👍

Hi @habercitr thank you for your comment, why wouldn't you try as well🤣?
Appreciate you

Me apunto, jajajajja sera divertido.

hello there @reneepineda according to google translate you say "I'm signing up, hahaha, it'll be fun." We would be glad to see your entry and sorry for not speaking Spanish. Good luck :)

Excelente concurso amigo.

me pareció muy divertido amigo.

A beautiful and fun competition for men :))

Yes it is fun as the name of Contest

Espero poder participar y apoyo a esta nueva comunidad que hará mostrar, que nosotros podemos dar mucho más. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

You are more than welcome :)

Excelente! Me uno a este concurso

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I just joined Steemit today and I am quite sad I won't be able to participate in this contest since the deadline is just around the corner. I've subscribed to the community and followed the 3 handles mentioned in the post. I will be on the lookout for the next challenge. Thank you for coming up with this great idea. Steem Men's Club is LIT!!!

On second thought, better late than never. I'll participate.

Welcome to the world of Steemit and to us.

This is my entry for the men's club cooking contest. I hope you like it.

Saludos, como lo prometido es deuda , acá les dejo el enlace de mi participación en este maravilloso concurso, muchas gracias.

Mi participación. Espero no llegar muy tarde.

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