Bitcoin liquidates long at $64,750. A little pullback but rekt in peace.

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Hi guys. Just when many were happy with Coinbase's announcement of the listing of $COIN(Coinbase Stock token), there has been some funny actions on the bitcoin market. Perhaps many are selling to buy the dip🤔 or it's just a manipulation of the market by the big boys to get cheaper BTC....


I just wanna show some of my trading tips. I'm loading my bag at this range($61k) for spot and a bit lower for longing on futures. This could be the pullback I've been waiting for 😜.


Do not DCA(Dollar cost average) on futures if your balance ain't much.

Note: This isn't a financial advice. Trading is risky. Trade responsibly.


Thank You for the advice ...we will keep on studying the trend to be fully aware of certain aspects of trading

You're welcome dear. Trade responsibly ✌