Vibrant Monday Memories

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It's ten more days until we will gradually get back to our normal lives in this part of the world, and thanks to this lock down, I haven't had the chance to post too many photography posts on my blog, although I like that a lot, because I didn't actually wandered too much and have what to share. I haven't even witnessed properly the trees and flowers blossoming this spring.

I do have quite a considerable photo gallery on my smartphone and once in a while I save some of them on this blockchain uploaded. The chosen ones, that are about three years old, taken in the months of May and June, in the beautiful land of Norway are some of my favorites, because summers there are like springs in here, and springs are simply awesome.

Mild, sunny, and simply lovely. Taking the last one out of context, which was taken from a bot, the rest of them are from my long and almost forgotten bike getaways near the small town I was living there, good ol days with tons of energy and refreshing vibes. The fifth ones is having the Mayor house as its subject and you could spot even from the clouds its interesting design. Typical Norwegian I would say...

What's also typical Norwegian, and something that I noticed or it's simply my imagination, is the clouds that seem so close to the ground over there. I mentioned it a couple of time in the past as well that I don't like autumns and winters in Norway, because you don't have too much sun, or almost none, and there's too much rain with less snow than I was expecting, but the rest of the year it's great.

Spring and summer on the other hand are divine and probably I'll get to spend a few of these in the future again... up there in the North. Till then...feeding myself with memories in front of a colorful screen. Hope you have a great Monday and a nice week ahead!








Thanks for attention,


Hi Adrian, very nice photos, I enjoyed a lot, thank you :)

Beautiful garden

Thank you for appreciation

welcome :)

You are truly privileged to return to normal life so quickly.


We should all be. This lock down is just a lie. A world wide spread lie... but we see the getting out of it as a privilege. Probably that's what they intended right from the beginning. To tame us and teach us how to behave for a future general world prison...