TRAVEL BLOG | In my cities one recent new restaurant from one village side | outside and inside view....

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In my cities one recent new restaurant from one village side | outside and inside view....


Hey i hope you all are doing well and enjoying your day.So it was one nice day for me.Also in my blog i am going to share about one place. There i visited some days ago.I hope you guys will enjoy it.


This restaurant name "SAJALS CAFE".Its made just one year ago.Everyday many people visit there.In this restaurant have so many special things thats make me happy.

So its near from my house. Its take 15 minutes from my home.Its made in one village side place.So many people everyday visit there.Specially for their unique decoration people love to visit there.

Specially in my todays blog i want to show you this cafe some inside and outside look.Because they used so many waste unused material for decorate their cafe.Their unique thought made restaurant more beautiful.



First we have to pay there. So their we paid our bills first.


We can see their decoration here so nice.Color combination also cool with light effect.

First i am going to show you outside view.When we enter there i seen they used so many unused bottle for grow some trees.Thats really can be great idea for gardening.


In roof also they decorated with some chair table.Also one special place thats show our village people some unique elements and these are really heart touching.In roof place people love to enjoy their time at might specially. Also there night pictures look cool more than morning.


Then i am going to show you unused material specially about coconut.We always through it. But they used it. They made some art and made it tissue box.Thats really amazing idea i ever seen.


I am going to show you something cool now.Because now you can see one window with some handmade plastic flowers.People love to capture photos there.Thats window made this restaurant more beautiful.


Also i seen their sitting place also something unique. They used drump for make chair and table.So people when see it they enjoy it. Because it was for me first time where i seen table and chair made by unused drump.


Also they did some decoration. They used some lamp.We can see it in many restaurant. So its not something different. But it was nice.They used two types lamp.


In "SAJALS CAFE" have some elements for children also.Children also can enjoy there. Because for them have one small place for enjoy or spent there one beautiful moment.


Anyway this cafe not so big.But they used so many unique products for decorate their cafe.In village one cafe hard to make something special.Also their food also not so bad i can say.

Here one food photos.


So guys i can say this cafe really amazing one i ever seen.Because i can see here lots of unique material.They made this restaurant really different.

I always belive if someone wants they can make anything special.Also this restaurant will be one example.With one lowinvestment made one special restaurant.

Although it in village place but its nice aand better than cities so many new restaurant. Food item also cool. I hope i will show you soon some more food item from this cafe.

Anyway guys todays i shared really something special.Because i feel its have really something unique thats make ne happy. Also let me know did you like it or not.I hope i will show you so many food items from this cafe.




Oh my god,, it's so beautiful and exceptional and artistic @afrinsultana

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