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RE: Guild signs in Salzburg's Old Town // Zunftschilder in der Salzburger Altstadt

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Dear Vieanna,
What a thing to focus on: signs! I learned a story-writing trick from a friend once: select a character's feature and use that as a focal point. This makes the narrative more "real" for the reader. You've used this technique skillfully here to guide us through the history of Medieval guilds :)
A most delightful tour. I saved the reading for my iPad last night, which allowed me to enlarge images and capture details. A nice place for the mind to go before sleep.
I hope you are well and enjoying spring.🌝🌼 So nice to read your blogs again.
With very warm regards,


Dear AG,
Thank you for joining me on this tour. 😀 Maybe you also visited Salzburg when you were in Austria with your mother years ago. I like that city very much and even seriously considered moving there once. Salzburg has what I miss here in Vienna: mountains within easy reach.

I've hardly dealt with tools of good storytelling yet. The literary trick you mention is interesting, I must have used it unconsciously. 😇

To present only the beautiful signs would have been too little for me. Besides that I was also interested in the historical background of the guilds, about which one could write several articles.

I'am enjoying spring, although with slight restrictions due to my pollen allergy. But it's already getting better.

Stay well my dear friend. Have a wonderful weekend with lots of sunshine in every respect. 🌞🌻

Very warm regards,

Dear Anna,
Yes, your photos were so vivid I had the sense of being there.
I didn't visit Salzburg. That tour with my mother was a slow train ride from only a few major European cities. She was not well when we left New York, so the itinerary was tailored for someone with limited energy. She was happy she made it to Vienna, one of those cities that had captured her imagination when she was young. Though she didn't get to see much, for her just going there was part of a dream fulfilled.
It is certain I will never travel to Salzburg, but now I have been there :) The connection with Medieval guilds is fascinating for me, and I will surely read up on how the guild system evolved in Austria.
Thank you dear Anna for trip. I always save your blogs for the end of the day when I can read them with my iPad and linger on the photos.
I hope pollen season passes quickly so you can enjoy the beautiful gardens 🌳 of Vienna.
Stay well,
From gradually healing New York,
Affectionately 🌞,

Dear AG,
It's so important to fulfill your dreams while you still can. How fortunate that your mother's dream of a trip to Europe has come true. I'm sure she returned to New York with many happy memories.

A new day is upon you. May it become full of happiness and peace. 🌷
With very warm regards,