Natural red and its connection with our emotions

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▶ Abstract

In one of the most recent posts, I began to describe the importance of colors by linking the responses they have on our emotions, specifically how color and emotions relate to each other.

▶ Credits: jodylehigh – [Image of Public Domain]

▶ Credits: Peggychoucair – [Image of Public Domain]

▶ In the previous publication I dealt with the color blue, this time I will describe the importance of the color red, taking into account that the color red has a strong emotional impact on our minds and evokes all kinds of sensations.

It is said that the color red has a strong emotional impact on our minds as it transmits passion and love but also power and aggressiveness, hence, the color red is associated with behaviors with greater personality and transmission of strong character.

Red in nature can be found in actions that unleash energy, for example, fire draws reddish flames, an action associated with power and energetic dominance.

▶ Credits: megspl – [Image of Public Domain]

▶ The color red in nature, we can appreciate it within the visible spectrum of light, specifically next to orange and violet, also in every living organism such as amphibians, also in plant organs such as fruits, flowers and leaves.

NOTE: Reference material.

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