Making Roasted Peanuts for “Many” Things

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To be honest, my first goal of making roasted peanuts was to replace roasted almonds. Until now I have never found almonds directly. Most cakes that carry the theme of healthy and vegan ingredients are using almonds as a topping or even as the main ingredient in the dough.


We know that almonds and peanuts can never replace each other. They contain different nutrients and vitamins. But often they can be used to replace the place in food ingredients if we can't find one of them.


Because I find it difficult to get stock almonds that I have never even seen in person, so I decided to make my own roasted peanuts to complement the preparation of many foods, from cakes to cookies to creamy sauces.

I looked for some references in Indonesian food bloggers about using peanuts to replace almonds. There are some people who have done that, for example, make macaroons from peanut flour and have been successful. Although the results are not as good as when using almond flour.


It seems that people in Indonesia and I choose to use peanuts as a substitute for almonds because of the cheaper cost. Yes, we could have stocked almonds if we wanted, but of course, it would be very expensive because we can't buy almonds at most grocery stores.

How I Make Roasted Peanuts


I bake the peanuts in a non-stick pan, not in the oven. Using a non-stick pan is easier and faster to produce roasted peanuts and keeps the peanuts from burning.

When using a non-stick pan, we are actually using the "fried without oil" method. Then keep stirring the peanuts until they turn brownish. I do this for about 10-15 minutes on medium heat.


Then before storing roasted peanuts in an airtight container, I let the roasted peanuts cool down first.


I have used roasted peanuts for many things in my daily food. But most of them are for topping cakes, smoothies and cookies, peanut sauce, and peanut butter.

Baked Cakes With Roasted Peanuts

Vegan Smoothies

So for those of you who have difficulty getting supplies of almonds in the area you live in, you can use peanuts or roasted peanuts for some food recipes. You can even have peanut butter which is creamy and inexpensive and easy to make. The taste is not much different from the peanut butter sold in the market.



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