Melon Smoothies to Control Mood and Help you Sleep Well

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Melon smoothies with a mild taste for a hard day. When you are having a hard day, it will definitely make your mood worse. Your sleep often becomes disturbed.


The natural benefits of melons for the body that are interesting to watch for are related to controlling mood and making sleep soundly. Maybe we never realize that because we always focus on the taste of food not the benefits for the body.


So this time I want to share a delicious and healthy melon smoothie recipe. It feels very light indeed unlike other fruits. But the natural scent of melons can also be a positive thing for your day.


Mood Control and Helps Sleep Well

The content of vitamin B-6 in melons is an important substance that can stimulate the serotonin nervous system to regulate mood and make you sleep more soundly.

Vitamin B-6 functions as an enzyme that is useful for activating chemical processes, one of which is for the body's metabolic processes.

In addition, vitamin C in melons can help boost immunity so that we do not get sick easily.


It's really a great combination of the natural benefits of melons for the body so that we stay fit, and have a good mood to go through the days



  • Frozen melons
  • Frozen Pears
  • Plant-based milk, in this recipe I use coconut milk
  • Additional sweetener, according to taste



Here I use a very simple topping which is a chocolate powder, cinnamon powder, and melon pieces

In the pear section, I form a pear-like a star. Then, I rolled the pears into chocolate powder.


At the top of the smoothie, I sprinkle a little chocolate and cinnamon powder.


About Results and Taste

The taste of melon and pear smoothies is not too sweet, and this is suitable for those of you who like light and fresh flavors.

Very similar to fruit ice cream but with a simpler texture.

It didn't take long for me to finish a bowl of fresh melon smoothies and make my mood naturally better.


Until Next



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