The Art of Plating #10: Bringing Cheerful Mood Into a Smoothie Bowl

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When it comes to sunny things in Indonesia, we will think of the cheerful yellow color.

Food is like a spoonful of magic that can change your feelings in an instant just by touching your tongue.

Likewise the appearance of the food. So in case of wanting to bring out the bright mood, this time I'll show you when I prepare a bowl of smoothies for breakfast.


I named this smoothie “Sunshine Smoothie” which is a combination of pineapple and avocado and coconut milk.

For the complete recipe for "Sunshine Smoothie" I posted on the previous blog. You can read that HERE.

When all the ingredients are still in a blender, it looks really creamy. To be honest I always fall in love with the creamy texture of smoothies.


The creamy texture makes me feel satisfied and happy when I scoop the smoothie with a spoon.


For the serving bowl, I chose a coconut bowl with a mouth that looks more artsy and beautiful than a ceramic bowl.


After you've moved the smoothie from the blender to the serving bowl, smooth the surface with a spoon. Oh, what a satisfying activity!

It's time to spread toppings like to spread happiness!


First of all, I add a slightly large pineapple wedge at the end of the side of the bowl.


Once I've got the right angle to place a pineapple slice, then I carefully add the coconut flakes.


This way is followed by the addition of savory roasted peanuts flakes.


Add another shape of fruits. Here I use a star-like shape.



Don't forget to add fruit that has a different color palette. Here I'm using the grapes to give the whole bowl a "lit" effect.


Look at the results. For me, there is no reason not to feel happy and have a good mood when I have breakfast with this vegan smoothie bowl.

Tell me, what is your favorite smoothie to bring your cheerful mood?

Happy Yummy Day!