The Art of Plating #8: Adding Little Details to the Dessert Presentation

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You could say the plating technique for dessert is the most difficult thing compared to other foods. Dessert has diverse flavor and color compositions so that the complement is very tricky.

I'm still learning how to do a good dessert plating. I often fail at the plating. I am very bad at arranging supplements that are usually in the form of sweet sauce, cream, or edible flowers.


My Chocolate Cake

But this time I will share when I learn plating dessert which is chocolate cake.


I use a little cream and a few pieces of dragon fruit.

I know that this does seem to be lacking in material for plating, but that's the fact.

So to cover up all the weaknesses, I used a plain white plate.


The use of plain white plate is very helpful to make things look simpler and look better even though the plating is very simple.

After preparing the white plate, I carefully shaped the cream.


Because I am not good at forming other shapes, so I only form simple creams like the comma shape.


Then after finishing forming the cream, I carefully added the pieces of dragon fruit.


Then the final stage, add the cake that has finished cooking.

The Result


This is a very simple result. But the details are enough to help improve the appearance of dessert on this plate.

You can try playing with ice cream and more varied fruits.


That was my story when I studied chocolate cake plating and added a little detail to the plating.

Do you have suggestions for my learning when plating? I really appreciate your advice.


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