Too Much Pain Without My Mother's Glass of Natural Medicine

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It was terrible for me when I was going through "the first day". Even before the first day of my period, the previous days were full of bad moods and my whole body was experiencing cramps.

I have completely stopped taking menstrual cramp relievers from the doctor because I am fully aware that they are bad for my body.

The days of getting used to without the doctor's medication were torturous. But it didn't last long because my mother made me natural medicine.

For me, the medicine my mother made really worked and it worked the same day.


A Glass of Turmeric Drink to Relieve Menstrual Cramps

When menstruation occurs, it is normal to feel cramps. But what I need is ’too much pain’ relief.

Earlier I was crying in pain and could only fall asleep while pressing my stomach with a pillow. I have known many natural remedies to treat my menstrual cramps.

But I was careless. Often times I did not prepare the medicine for myself. So because of my stupidity, I cried in bed and asked my mother to help me.


So finally help came. My mother brought me a glass of turmeric drink.

This drink consists of turmeric, tamarin, And a little brown sugar.


The key to the recovery of the pain from a glass of natural medicine is trust. It won't heal you if you don't believe it at all.

I am grateful that after drinking a glass of turmeric drink and a few hours of rest, I am getting better.

I recommend this drink for women who experience cramps during menstruation.