Just Saying... Ya Know...???

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Since I had a fairly nice response from my last post about relatively nothing, I might as well write a second little gem here...😁

Speaking about @Gem, they must hate me over there?!?!? Either that or they have stopped getting the kind of support they once did, early on. I graced that place with a masterpiece not long ago and seemingly got snubbed!!! I mean... I sort of feel like Vincent Van Gogh must have felt, back in the day being shunned for his artwork by everyone except his brother George...

I'm NOT going to cut one of my ears off though from depression, like he did.

I DON'T KNOW...???

Maybe it was just a slow few days for them after I placed the post there? It could have been a holiday or something? Maybe Chinese New Year or Columbus Day, or International Cabbage Appreciation Day?

Personally, I think they just HATE me... I don't know why. Probably because I'm old and grey, and they're all Illuminati-Globalists who want me DEAD...?!?!?!?

I'd make a bet that Bill Gates has something to do with it. He's trying to get me depressed enough so that I stop eating, start drinking booze and medicating myself till I waste away. He's probably secretly running that community and targeting a certain segment of the population for self-induced euthanasia.

Well...SCREW YOU Mr. Gates...!!! I ain't killing myself over not getting a few cents in rewards for posting in your community!!! There's plenty of other communities around here to write stuff for. Places that have members who don't hate senior citizens and want them dead!!!

I don't know... Maybe I'm wrong. I'm wrong a lot...!!!

So... Now that I got THAT off my chest...

How the hell are you?

Have you noticed that Steem is pumping? Last I checked, it was up over 46 cents. I'm waiting for that BIG pump to eight dollars like back in 2018... Fortunately, I didn't abandon steemit after it switched hands about a year ago. I may not be a BIG MONEY earner, but at least I keep plugging along :>)

Well, my friends... I might as well cut you a break now and end this jabbering.

Till next time, stay well and keep smiling.


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Images: World Wide Web - Works by Vincent Van Gogh

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