My 'First' Kiss... (A Childhood Memory)

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'FIRSTS', are often very memorable occasions within the mind, for better or worse. Even that "First kiss" can be relived with ecstatic joy or gross distain; depending on circumstances.

My "First kiss" (Of the kind most referenced) is sort of comical when I look back at it. The girl's name was Nancy... we both were about eleven years old and she forcefully sucked the air out of my lungs...!!!

Though I remember her fondly in all respects - regardless that she caused my lungs to collapse, behind our apartment building in the dark of night... these days, her kiss makes me laugh, when thinking about it.

Her lips squished together so hard and tightly as well, that I'm kind of surprised she didn't knock my front teeth out...!!! Especially since she had grabbed my head with both hands, slamming my face against hers...

Of course, I had no experience with such delicate matters of the heart either, but that was not the technique I had gathered from the Hollywood movies. To me... I saw people kiss sort of soft and gently. That's how 'I' approached my first kiss with Nancy.

Maybe she didn't see the same movies as me; yet? Carry Grant never kissed Grace Kelly, Marlene Dietrich, Katherine Hepburn or any of those other ladies on the big screen so violently!!!

I guess I should be glad Nancy didn't stick her slimy, wet tongue in my mouth at the time... that would have really freaked me out!!!

Of course, slimy, wet tongues are well received by me these days, regardless where a Nancy who might come along, wants to place it; except for my feet... I'm still ticklish there.


OH... I almost forgot... Nancy must have told her older sister (Cathy) and sister's best friend (Valerie) about our little romantic escapade, that warm Summers night; because, the next day, her sister and friend met me on the stoop outside.

"Do you like Nancy...?"


"Well, if you like her, you'd ask her to go steady and give her an Ankle Bracelet"

"I don't have an Ankle Bracelet", I lamented.

"I have one", Cathy said. "You can borrow it to put on her ankle, after you ask her to go steady with you."

In my mind, I couldn't envision how to perform such an unfamiliar task. I'd heard about this thing called "Going steady", but it scared me a little bit.

From what I heard, you first asked a girl to go steady, then you got engaged, planned a wedding and got married...!!! Then you had a baby together!!!

I didn't think we were old enough, but her sister told me that if I didn't ask Nancy to go steady with me, she'd be sad and cry.

I didn't want to make Nancy cry, so I agreed.

After asking, and getting instructions from the two older girls on how to do it, I went home to prepare, with a borrowed Ankle Bracelet in hand.

They had told me to dress up in something nice, brush my teeth and come back that night. I was to ring the bell, have Nancy come out into the hallway and after she said yes to going steady, I should tell her to sit on the milk-box and put the bracelet on her ankle; then, kiss her.

That night, her sister Cathy answered the door along with Valerie and told me to wait. Then Nancy appeared, all made up pretty, wearing a white fluffy dress with little ribbons all over it.

"You want to go steady with me?" I asked

"Okay, she happily replied with a smile"

I had Nancy sit on the Milk-man's delivery box outside the apartment door (Like I was supposed to) Lifting her frilly dress a bit, she offered me her ankle on which I fumbled with the jewelry's clasp, till it was locked in place.

"Well", I said... "I guess we gotta kiss now...???"

Nancy said, "Yes" and after she puckered up, I planted a quick kiss on her lips (to save myself from suffocation)

We said goodnight to each other; she went back into her apartment and I went down the hallway steps, out the front door and home.

At home, nervously told my mother that I had asked Nancy to be my girlfriend and had kissed her.

My mother gave me this strange look, then said, "Just don't make too much of a habit kissing her..."

A few weeks later, Nancy and her family moved away from the neighborhood. I'd lost my first love, but that was alright with me, because I didn't feel ready yet for marriage and having kids; my paper-route didn't make me enough money for that...

Well, that's about it for now my friends. It can be funny where the head goes sometimes while writing about a childhood memory. I hope you enjoyed reading it, as much as I did writing it.

Stay well and be happy.


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on - April 4, 2021

Ha. Strange that we should both be posting about young love today!. mm...

Of course, yours is a much more interesting story. :-)

Yeah... and YOU got more love ($) on that post than me... I feel a tinge of jealousy rising within, but happy for you at the same time :>)

Don't think too much about it. I was just lucky in that someone happened to came by with a bigger vote than normal. :-)

I won't over-think it... :>) You know I like to jest about stuff.

Yes. I do. :-)