Of All the Things I've Lost... It's my Mind I Miss the 'MOST'

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Remember when Bumper-Stickers were "The in thing"...??? The popularity certainly has faded over the years. It's become difficult to find a single one for sale - anywhere.

Not that it matters much; especially since we now have Meme's to paste upon the bumper of our posts...😏


I sort of miss those elongated stickers, once in awhile. Not much though, because my vehicle is in the Junk-yard presently. It's more disturbing to me that the truck succumbed to such a fate at a mere 36 years of age... (A lot sooner than expected)

You'd think a well made Chevy Pickup from that era would not dramatically fail so soon. Especially if it was diligently tuned-up every nine years or so, with an oil change included!!!


They sure don't make things like they used to... A friend of mine still has his truck out on the road, running fine and it's fifteen years older than mine...?!?!?!?

He might need to stop every few miles or so to add engine oil and let the damned thing cool down a bit, before hitting the road again...but, it's still running!!! You can barely hear the pistons rattling and knocking around like crazy because of worn or missing rings and bearings.

His is a Ford though... maybe that's the reason for it's adequate longevity? I don't know... I'll try a Ford next time around. I might have better luck with one of those???


Getting back to those Bumper-Stickers... My absolute FAVORITE one was the one with the inscription in the title of this post. I think a lot of people liked it too, because I'd get so many other drivers tail-gating me, bent forward trying to read it, then laughing...

I could see them in my rearview mirror, as they spun-out off the road, into cow pastures and cornfields.

Maybe that's why I don't see the things for sale anymore?!?!? The authorities banned bumper-stickers, because they caused too many drivers to get stuck in the muck of grazing lands; then have farm animals attack and kill them, once they stepped out of the vehicle???

Why don't people just STAY inside their car after spinning off the road and getting stuck...?!?!? It makes no sense to me... unless, they're getting out to snap some selfies. THAT is understandable.

Well, my friends. That about sums it up for now. You all take care, and don't risk trying to read bumper-stickers while driving (if you see any) Follow the car till it stops somewhere, regardless how far it takes you out of your way. Then you can safely read the damned thing!

Unless of course you've followed a car into a cow pasture... In that case, you're both in trouble...!!!

Keep smiling, my friends... Peace-out.


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My bus is covered in bumper stickers.. this was a couple months ago.. I add to it every time I can..


I like your bus and set-up :>) I've thought of hitting the road in a similar way myself. Thanks for visiting my post.