SOUL and CONSCIOUSNESS| What is a soul? What is consciousness? - Part II

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In order to show the organization of our being in the simplest way, one of the best ways is to divide the lower and higher mind, as well as the consciousness of the soul. The basis of divine consciousness in the human being is:

  • The consciousness of the soul (it is transcendental and only partially embodied)

  • The higher mind (higher self, is between the physical body and the divine consciousness of the soul as their connection)

  • Consciousness of the physical mind (Ego, located in the brain of the physical body)

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The higher mind has a broader perspective, it sees all events from several dimensions, so it can send information to the lower physical mind or the ego, which has a limited perspective, sees only what we can perceive with the senses. Information from the higher mind arrives in the physical mind as a form of inspiration and intuition, it can come both in reality and through dreams when the physical mind is suppressed and when the higher mind can more easily act on a person.


Enlightenment in humans is nothing but the growth of the presence of the consciousness of the soul in the body. Although consciousness cannot be embodied, it can increase its presence in the physical body so that the body is transformed into light. The greater presence of the consciousness of the soul in man is manifested as goodness, love, wisdom and enlightenment.

The consciousness of the soul and the higher mind becomes even stronger through the discipline that is manifested through meditation but also through a positive attitude towards life. The very positive attitude towards life will bring us closer to the consciousness that is the basis of life, and that is the consciousness of our soul.

In order to get to know the world and others better, the most important thing is to get to know ourselves first. Man is a complex being, far from what official science and religion tells us. In this false world in which we currently live, a false image of man as a simple being, a being based on matter, has also been created. This is another part about soul and consciousness, I hope you liked it. Until the next topic, I wish you a pleasant weekend. Also, it would be nice to leave a comment to discuss the topic 🙏

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