Ancient ruins of Miletus

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A few weeks ago I visited a ancient city with the name Miletus, just 80km south of Izmir in Turkey. To this day it is not really known how old the city is, who built it, who first colonized it, etc.

But one thing is known for sure, the city was known as the birthplace of science in 600 BC under the term The school of Miletus.






The main building of today's ruin is probably the theater. But there are several other buildings like a Thermal bath, a mosque or a Buleuterion which was the Assembly place of the Bule.

Ilyas Bey Mosque from 1404. One of the best preserved buildings, but also one of the youngest




The Faustina Thermals, named after Annia Galeria Faustina, wife of the roman emperor Marc Aurel, seems to me to be one of the better preserved buildings. We almost missed it, but were glad to find it at the end of our tour.

It was interesting to see that today's thermal baths are very similar to those of the past. The had similar rooms and pools and in some of them you could still see what it once was.




All the original statues were replaced by replicas and are now in museums. As well as the whole gate of the market which now stands in the Pergamonmuseum in Berlin. No idea why is that!

But instead we´ve found a tortoise again. She was enjoying the last bit of sun in the thermal bath. Tortoise are very common here and you´ll see them all the time.




We had an amazing day at these beautiful ruins with lots of history. If you are interested in something like that you have to bring a lot of time with you because there is a lot to learn here.



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