Splinterlands - SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge - Theme: Child of the Forest

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Hello Friends,



How are you all doing on this Sunday? I am doing great with Hive price moving up in last few days.
So, this another blog for Splinterlands SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge with the theme monster being a ranged sniper monster Child Of The Forest.
Let's have a quick information about the monster first.


Child Of The Forest is an rare ranged Earth Splinter monster who has the ability of sniper.
Although bit lower in terms of attack, it's speed is the BIG plus for this monster with a constant speed of 5 thru it's 8 levels.
Well, we can have more details on it's attack, speed and even health using the below screenshot with the statistics for this monster.


Attack, as mentioned above, is not that great with this beginning with 1 ranged attack and grows up to 3 by final level i.e. Eighth level.
Speed, we already know, it's a constant of 5 throughout 8 levels.
Health although starts with just 2, but grows as it grows in levels and reaches 6 health by level 7.
It has got 2 useful abilities in snipe and snare.
snipe as we know, enables it to attack second line ranged and magic attack monsters if any.
snare is another useful ability especially in earthquake rule set battles as it removes the flying ability from monsters it attacks.





Well, the battle details are available in the link shared above and as we can see, I gotta battle with 28 MANA with Silenced Summoners rule, which means, no extra health from Summoner.
Now, let's see the lineup 5 other monsters I used along with the theme monster of Child Of The Forest.

1. Flesh Golem:


This is by far the most used Earth Splinter by me because of it's healing ability and the attack and health it has.
It has given win for me on most of the occasions.

2. Orc Sergeant:


My first hand number 2 simply because of it's reach and inspire abilities helping in increasing the melee attack by 1.

3. Brownie:


No need to explain much about the tiny yet so powerful monster.
It's inspire means the melee monsters will get another attack added and it also speeds up all my monsters because of swift ability.

Wood Nymph:


Healing monster with useful 2 magic attack as well and not to forget it's strengthen ability to improve the health of all monsters.

Child Of The Forest:


Theme monster for this week, although less used one, but can be more handy as we level this up as it also has that snare ability from level 5 onwards.

Javelin Thrower:


Another most used Earth Splinter monster simply because of it's ranged attack of 4 and huge speed of 6.

That is some good lineup barring Child Of The Forest and I have to face the Life Splinter with monsters Lord Arianthus, Silvershield Assassin, Sand Worm**, Silvershield Bard, Divine Healer and Furious Chicken.



The battles against Life Splinter have ended on losing side for me, but, double inspired Earth Splinter monsters I used didn't disappoint me and here I share with you the round by round details.

Round 1:

One of the Splinterlands tips says **If we can have 2 monsters with inspire ability, it makes our attack catastrophic and that was true in my case in this battle as, even Lord Arianthus couldn't take it much and got removed because of inspire monsters inspiring the melee attack.


Round 2:

Silvershield Assassin got into front position at the removal of Lord A, but, it and Sand Worm also got removed by combined attack of melee, magic and ranged attack and battle is almost over in 2 rounds itself!!!


Round 3:

It didn't take much time to remove the 3 remaining monsters Silvershield Bard, Divine Healer and Furious Chicken as they weren't of much resistance as compared to the first 3.


We can clearly see that, 2 inspire monsters Orc Sergeant and Brownie were of great help in winning this battle and Child of the Forest silently contributed by hitting Divine Healer in 2 chances it got and it can be a monster to use once leveled up.


Question Answer time!!! I love this part although most of the time answers will be same :)

Did my strategy work? What will I try differently next time?

More than 100%!!! Just kidding.
Yes, it worked nicely with first 2 melee monsters got inspired and removed Lord A in first round and there was no turning back after that!!!
If I have to try different lineup, then I would have gone with Screeching Vulture instead of Child of the Forest.

Do I use the CHILD OF THE FOREST often? Why or why not?

Well, I don't use it much as I just got a level 2 monster which is just with 1 ranged attack and I can use Screeching Vulture instead for better results.


So, another great battle for the Weekly Contest and thanks to @splinterlands again for reminding us to use those less used monsters thru these contests :)

Thanks and wishing a nice week ahead :)


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Thanks for the votes, comments and resteems.

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Nice to see that you are enjoying the game. :)

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