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Hello Friends,



Another week and another of Splinterlands SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge is about to be closed as we have a monster from new set of rewards cards belonging to Death Splinter.


Well, this is one of the best monsters from new rewards cards introduced.
Phantasm is a common death splinter monster with nice statistics and abilities which we will see below:


So,there we see the stats in above screenshot.
Good enough melee attack with a maximum of 3 and speed one of the best in the similar category monsters starting with 4 and can increase up to 6!!!
It's health is also very good starting with 7 and increases to 10 by maximum level.
Even better is the abilities of this monster possess with abilities of flying, return fire and retaliate.
Flying can be a good asset for this monster to use it at the front as this ability gives an increased chance of evading melee and ranged attacks.
Return Fire is also a good addition to counter attack ranged attack monsters.
Last but not the least is the ability of Retaliate which helps it attack back the melee monsters.

So, this monster is a very good one to place in the front when the magic is off.





This was a medium MANA battle with total MANA not to exceed 21 and Legendaries barred from battling and ranged attack monsters can battle even from front position because of Close Range* enabled.
Keeping these things in mind, I tried below lineup and was successful to a fairer amount.

1. Phantasm:


Well, this monster is something without reach ability and it being a melee monster, we need to use it as a front monster or use it in battle rulesets which allow it to be used in any position like melee mayhem or super sneak.
This being the featured monster for this week's challenge, I aimed to use it in the front position and finally got this battle to use it.

2. Spineback Wolf:


One of the best monsters for low MANA battles as it is with 2 melee attack with speed of 6 and boasts that ability to throw thorns besides having additional protection with that armor it has.

3. Skeleton Assassin:


Although this one has lost popularity after introduction of many opportunity monsters, but in low MANA battles, this is still one of the most used monsters with poison ability and is among the first few to attack with it's speed of 5.

4. Twisted Jester:


A ranged attack monster which is also with snipe ability and is good one to use at fag end as it has dodging ability as well.
It's 3 ranged attack takes out a monster in each round from second lineup as many of the ranged or magic monsters are with 3 or 4 health.

5. Furious Chicken:


Used this zero cost monster to cover the Twisted Jester from getting attacked by sneak monsters.



The Death monsters I used were up against Fire splinter monsters Living Lava, Fire Elemental, Spark Pixies, Goblin Fireballer and Furious Chicken.
Let's see round by round battle details as below:

Round 1:

Phantasm was up against dodgy Living Lava and more than that, opponent had couple of high speed ranged attack monsters. Inspite of that, Phantasm survived in First round with opponent losing his Furious Chicken and Fire Elemental.


Round 2:

Phantasm was the first to go in second round and opponent lost couple more thru snipe and sneak monsters Twisted Jester and Skeleton Assassin respectively.


Round 3 and 4:

With just Living Lava on the other side, it was soon to be a win for me and it took 2 rounds to remove the dodgy Living Lava and it was a win for me although I lost the featured monster of Phantasm.



Question Answer Time!!!

Did my strategy work? What will I try differently next time?

Well, as we can see, Phantasm, the featured monster is not quite best suited for front position because of it's lesser melee attack. So, I would have used a Haunted Spirit with healing ability or the Lord of Darkness for it's fearsome features.

Do I use the PHANTASM often? Why or why not?

Not much, I have Haunted Spirit and Lord of Darkness which are 2 most used frontline monsters and provides better attack options although, Phantasm can be a good addition to those 2 when it's leveled up to have those return fire and retaliate abilities.


Thanks as always friends for going thru my blogs and encouraging me.

Be Happy and Keep Blogging :)


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