Curator Cat: Thanksgiving Caturday!

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Greetings fabulous Felines and Hoomans of Steemlandia!

It's my favorite day of the week: CATURDAY!

And it's the last Caturday before we celebrate Thanksgiving next Thursday, here in the USA.

Yours truly, as a tiny kitten!

In spite of 2020 being a difficult year for most of us, I am sure there are still things in our lives we can be thankful for.

I'm thankful for having a roof over my head, a nice soft warm cat bed, sunny spots, and Hoomans who love me and take good care of me.

A very similar pose, four years later...

We may not have much, and there may be a tough winter ahead... but at least we have each other.

I am also thankful for this community continuing, in spite of various difficulties along the way. We are "pioneers" with this kind of social media, in many ways.

I may not be making more than a few cents for creating a post like this, but in the end it'll add up to a bag of cat treats!

Sleeping in the Mom-Hooman's office...

And with that, I'm going to wish everyone a great weekend... and thank you for stopping by and having a look.

I am also thankful for YOU!


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That's a little sweetie! Happy Caturday!


Yeah right ;)

That is very nice post with encouragement and stimulus to go ahead. Lovely pictures of happy cat. I am wishing you nice Thanksgiving :)

Thank you very much! I was just trying to remind people that we often forget the small things because we get very caught up in the big problems of the world.


Oh my god!! I want to squish that cat so much and also @steemadi's cat!!

can't I get a warm hug too? 😀😀😀

hahaha is your face as squishy as the cat's?

Hhhhhaaaa,, which can definitely captivate your heart

Thanks for the kind words @clacrax! Around here, flattery will get you... everything!