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I'm @clixmoney the founder of @dcooperation.

This initiative is to interview all the members of the community. To use all the earning to power up and to support them all by @dcooperation. By participating in this, you will help us grow. Thanks a lot for @katerinaramm for participating.

For more details check this post : Participate in a written interview and get rewarded !.

Here are the questions with answers from @katerinaramm :

How did you join hive?

Hi, first of all thank you very much for giving me this opportunity :)
I joined Hive from the beginning of its creation, as all steem accounts already were hive users right from the start.

How long you have been with the community?

I joined steem back in October 2017. It took me a couple of days to orientate myself and to read as much as I could, before I started blogging.
The first thing I realized, being part of a decentralized and so diverse community, was that there was a lot to learn, and the most important thing was to understand what you needed to ask. When the question was defined, the answer could be easily found online (or asked to be responded to).
I have not stopped the quest ever since :) It is amazing to have the opportunity to communicate with so many different persons, with various interests from all over the world. Art, technology, crypto, music, science, fitnes,, education, photography and more - all is here!

Tell me a bit about your background?

I have a Bachelor in Computer Science and have been working in the hospitality sector for many years.

What are your hobbies?

I practice martial arts, I love walking and exploring nature and I very recently started sketching again (after a very long time of absense)
When I find the time I also enjoy reading books. The past 2+ years I am especially interested in history, and specifically for historical facts about my city/island.

What you usually post about?

Recently, I started posting about nature - because due to lockdown I have gathered a lot of content, videos and images from my walks. This helps me research and share facts about animals, ocean creatures, plants etc of our earth.

I also post about my city, mainly images but also information whenever I have the opportunity. Sometimes I enjoy sharing motivational posts, usually deriving from my own experiences and points of view.

In the recent past I would often write tutorials and information about new platforms. I think I will continue to do so, but in the near future - not right away.

Tell me about the communities you are part of?

I am a member of @actifit since the project's beginning. Actifit is an innovative fitness dApp, that helps users staying fit by counting and rewarding their daily activity. Actifit can post on hive and/or steem via the app, which is available both for android and for ios users. Feel free to ask me or check out for more information :)

I would also like to mention @stemsocial (known in the past as @steemstem) They are a passionate team, who have initially brought STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) to the blockchain. The dApp motivates both scientists to post their blogs via the app and be rewarded for it. Not only scientists/students but also users interested in a more scientific approach are welcome to join the community. more information here

Apart from the above, I try to be present for more communities that I support, such as GitPlait but also Appics on steem.

I am so overwhelmed with everything going on hive and believe me, there is so many things that I wish to participate! So I do participate by curating and reading and getting to know more people and more actions. There is a lot to learn and also a lot to offer with honest interaction between people. Users from different countries, with different mentalities get to gether and .. create. Isn't it amazing?

How do you see the future of hive?

I believe in the blockchain technology and I believe in people being a part of hive. They have shown us that when there is a will, the community cannot be stopped. Rewarding social media platforms are here to stay, however ease of use is a necessity. It will still take sometime to gain wider acceptance but there are the people with the knowledge to make it happen, and the community to take it forward.

What do you think of steem?

Steem & steemit were innovative at the beginning, but lately there have been many moves that caused friction/tension and breaking of the community. The blockchain of steem could still survive, but it will take drastic measures, as well as offer more functionalities if they wish to remain in the game. There are many theories, many of my friends have totally different opinions - but I just say, let's wait and see!

“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success“ -Henry Ford
“Το να βρεθούμε μαζί είναι μια αρχή, το να παραμείνουμε μαζί είναι μια πρόοδος και το να δoυλέψουμε παρέα, είναι επιτυχία.“ – Henry Ford

I hope you enjoyed reading the interview.

Thanks to @katerinaramm for participating in this interview. Since he's the first who participated he'll get 50% upvote every single day from @dcooperation during a month.


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