Interviewing @serialfiller - DCooperation member !

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I'm @clixmoney the founder of @dcooperation.

This initiative is to interview all the members of the community. To use all the earning to power up and to support them all by @dcooperation. By participating in this, you will help us grow. Thanks a lot for @serialfiller for participating.

For more details check this post : Participate in a written interview and get rewarded !.

Here are the questions with answers from @serialfiller :

How did you join hive ?

Hi @clixmoney and thanks for this initiative.
I joined hive at the very beginning of this journey. I was a steemit user and I followed all the events that takes to the hive borns.

How long you have been with the community ?

The steemit/hive community? 2 years.
In the hive community? 2 months more or less.

Tell me a bit about your background ?

I am an italian guy. I am a biomedical engineer. I am a "blogger" since 2018.
I love writing reviews, fantasy story, posts about NBA, movies, tv shows, society, nature and so on.

What are your hobbies ?

Write, write, write. I am not a big "curator", a huge reader. I love write, share my thoughts but not my experiences. I am very private on that.
My hobbies are sports, travel, cinematography, cooking, photography, politics and stuff about society.

What you usually post about ?

90% of my production is about movies & tv shows. I often talk about Italy, social and political situation.
I love sport and NBA so, sometimes I talk about that too.

Tell me about the communities you are part of ?

I am a MOD in an italian community founded by @fedesox. It calls "Olio Di Balena". Italian community need to be more solid and big in my opinion.
We'll try to grow up about that.
Other communities I love are GEMS, OCD but als Movies & TV Shows, Freewriters, ART and many others are very interesting communities.

How to you see the future of hive ?

Shine. Very Shine.
I think that hive could be only better than steemit.
We have the knowledge about that experience.
We could do better. More partecipation, more interactions, more attention about the contents. No bot, no chaotic upvotes, more communities.
Around that we can build a lot of good things.
Steemit was my home for 2 years.
Now I see steemit just like something to use for invest money eventually, not time, not energy.
My home is hive. Here I wanna grow up and put my time and soul in.

Thanks for this great interview.


I hope you enjoyed reading the interview.

Thanks to @serialfiller for participating in this interview. Since he's the third who participated he'll get 30% upvote every single day from @dcooperation during a month.


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