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I'm @clixmoney the founder of @dcooperation.

It sounds funny : ''The situation with DCooperation.'' lol

I've been building this account with our members for more than 1 year and 11 months. Almost two years.

I worked hard on this to make it a big project, but it seems that I failed.

Now most of our delegators in steem undelegate from us even being upvoted for so long. But, I can't blame them, they mostly moved to hive. In hive now we have a bit more power than we do in steem. Even our posts are doing there much better.

So, I'm thinking now of this and you can tell me your opinion. I want to power down steem to power up in hive. That way I will work only on one account but not two. I will not have to cross posts. I will save my personal time.

Also, if our power will grow faster in hive, more and more people will join us. Maybe more will participate in our collaborations and finally people start to create in our community.

As you see now, mostly me is created and a couple other people.

What do you think ?


You can subscribe to our community here :

Join our discord server here :

All the earning as usual is going to power up the account !


I am only here to power down and saw this post. Once I power down, I will only be on Hive. I haven't delegated to your account, just never thought of it, but my opinion has no weight, since I have not delegated.

As far as I can tell, everyone is leaving.

Everyone has an opinion. Thanks for sharing it. If I see more people who at least notice @dcooperation post saying something, of course I will listen to them. We are not having even comments here as you see. You can't imagine how much time I did spend building this. I fighted for this community. In the end as you see my effort aren't bringing that big results. I feel wasting my time. Time is the most important for all of us. If I see the situation the same, I just will have to do what's planed. At least in hive we have some active people. Thanks a lot for leaving your opinion. Join us in hive.

Hi @clixmoney

The choice is yours and I understand that you are frustrated when others move.
I know you work full time to post and to make money here.
I understand that you will look for greater profits, but it is not always that the grass is greener on the other side even though it looks greener now.
I also know how good you are at marketing Steemblockchain.

There is a lot going on at Steem as you know, and I also understand that you were hoping for a vote delegation for your community. This was the first month to apply and there will be more opportunities for it again.

As it is now, many people post the same post on both platforms to make extra money. And I can understand that there are many in the world who do not have a job and the money comes well.
But I still think it is worth fighting for Steem who gave us a unique opportunity and that opportunity is still there. As you know, witnesses that we trusted have gone behind our backs and made decisions.
And the same people now control the new platform, we also can't call it decentralized.

I hope you will give Steem another chance because you are good at what you do.
I would also appreciate watching your videos in my community and maybe you could do some interviewing again and post them there.
Think about it and I would then give you advance advertising that @clixmoney now posts in "World of Xpilar" It may be a future collaboration. What do you think?

Yeah, I post full time, but not the earning is what keeping me here, but what I'm powering down from my previous earning in @clixmoney. The problem of those who are posting in both is that their power is low and to get good upvotes they have to have themselves a lot of power. It's impossible to earn it, if as you see, I'm working 2 years to get those 4000 sp and no one cares that much about the initiatives to participate in. Even steemitblog decided to not promote our community or support us in any form. I asked them to support your community and mine and they are supporting only yours by mentioning it a lot of time, just because you have more people posting there because you have more power. Who cares about 0.08 upvote or less that we have. I wanted people to collaborate, I wanted people to creater content together. I wasted so much time to create those collaborations we have : All are posted here !. Even in hive we are not foing that well, but at least a bit better with rewards what may make us grow there faster, so I will not waste my time for nothing.

I know all the situation about steem and witnesses and what they did is not that good, but I also know that any time my power can be frozen, imagine working other few years for all this and in the end it will be just frozen for some reason. All my hard work will be just stolen from me. Hive will not do that because they are working hard to have a positive feedback and if they do, they will be in troubles, but here it's possible, people own a lot of projects ( tron, bittorrent ..... ), they have powerful friends like binance, will they care about the little project steem ? I mean for them it's little, for us it's almost everything because we did put a lot in it. I don't want to risk more of my time, I'm afraid.

For sure nothing is decentalized when some have more power to do things, to froze tokens, to remove and hive content, it's possible in steem and in hive as well and in all the applications build in both. Sometimes I think that even bitcoin is not decentralized, miners may control everything. Anyway.

If I'm powering up all the earning here, that mean that I'm giving it a chance. I didn't start to power down yet. I'm asking people what they think. Thanks a lot for replying me, because now this is the most important, it's not money what's earned from @dcooperation , I started upvote my self with this poor 0.07 just because I'm angry, I wasn't doing that for 2 years. Everything was going to the community and even upvotes. I will keep it for a while and see what will happen. Still have some supporters here. Staying for them, but if they will not post in the community, or participate in collaborations, or delegate. For whome I need to stay ? For myself like a fool ? .....

I already mentioned that I'm ready to make interviews Participate in a written interview and get rewarded !. Noone participated in that yet. No one even commented that. Interviews from outside steem ? From social media ? Do I want to invite people to all this ? I'm not sure. I wish steemians participat in this. Just to support a project, not for tiny upvotes we have. If you want to support, you can tell your members about that. No one listen to me anyway. That will be the great collaboration. When you help a dying project to survive. But, I can't assure you that if in the future I see that the activity is low, will not start power down and stop everything. This is why I wanted to build our own power here. I didn't like delegators to tell me what to do. I mean I like to be independent in the blockchain and to not owe anything to others. I'm surry about this. I like to be honest.

Thanks a lot for supporting me all this time and offering to help. I really appriciate this because I lost a lot of support from a lot, just for being honest. Just for being active only in the blockchains but not in discords. Those are getting huge support, because they are serving accounts with big power. They do everything they ask from them. I'm a free man, I don't do that.

Hi @clixmoney! Thanks for the work you have put in here. I understand you feel lost atm because a lot of people left. Its true, many did leave, but the ones that are still on steemit are now more determined than ever! We just have to organize again.
Steemit supports the one that post exclusively on Steemit, and I cant blame them for that. What would you do? The problem is that everything is scattered and everyone is licking their wounds from what just happened.
Next, I scouted the community info. To me at least its not really clear how it works or how to benefit from it. I will join the discord and maybe we can work something out together.
Cheers and have a great day

I wrote so many times how the community work. Any content is wlcome to create on the community. The active members will get an autoupvote. Those who will send us content to share on the account will get even better autouvote. By, supporting collaboration I meant the content that's created with 2 or more people. They can record a video together, a podcast, write an article together, create a picture together, that's possible in canva. Sned us the content and get an autouovote, or create in the community. Maybe those collaboraitions are waste of time for some, but they can send us content in this way. Everything will be used to power up. I don't have a lot of time to always create in the account. I meant that's it's an account of the community and people care about. I called everyone partner in discord. I want people to build it with me. The benifit is an upvote, there is nothing else that motivate people here. I can't offer for the moment anything else. I already invested enough in this. Even when created those 3 trailers we gathered 180 steem from our members and it was distributed between those who created those trailers.

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