Kids drawing || This lockdown is the right time to encourage your kids about patriotism

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Hello Friends, Hope you are well and safe

Today is the worst day in respect of coronavirus detected counting in Bangladesh. Last 24 hours 492 more cases were identified where the death toll is 10. This 492 cases were identified from 2779 tested samples. Here is the matter of concern. It indicates that we have more coronavirus positive cases among us those yet to be tested.

However, I am parking COVID19 for a while and trying to concentrate on different things. Kids are the main sufferers in this lockdown situation. Everyday morning my daughter asks me what she will do today. Today I gave her a different task. I asked her to draw whatever she likes. I gave her a topic. She has to draw whatever she likes on this topic. The drawing topic was Patriotism.


My daughter got admitted in Charulata Academy for drawing course. She attended few classes. This lockdown has stopped everything. However, I gave her two hours time.

After the stipulated time, she came back to me with three drawings. One is our pride, the national flag. Another one is the monument of language martyrs. And last one is the National Martyrs’ Memorial.


I belong to this country, my love and affection for this country is from the core of my heart. I felt proud to see that my kids are also holding this patriotism within themselves.

I always try to teach the morality to my kids. I believe this morality will lead them to run their lives in future. I don’t have a plan to keep huge assets and money for my kids. I will try to make a patriotic person and give the seeds of morality to them. Then, it’s their duty to lead their lives the way they like.

Finally, I believe, this is the right time to give time to our kids and teach some moral things to them. Also, we should give a glimpse about our history. We bought our country with blood of 3 million people. They should know this. This is how the patriotism will grow in their mind. As a parent, it is our obligation to guide our kids in a right way.


So, let’s utilise our lockdown time for some good deeds. The kids will be happy to get your close company and you will be a proud father of patriotic kids.

Be safe always.

Thanks for stopping by.


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