The tale of a lockdown city

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Hello Friends, Happy Wednesday to you all

Adaptation is a word that best suits with human. We are the best creature in this planet. We have the best adaptation power than any other creatures. Today is the 27th day of lockdown in my city. We have adapted with this lockdown situation. My kids have no school, they have adapted living 24 hours in an apartment. In fact, we all are compromising with time, because this is not a good time for all of us. Corona virus has snatched our freedom. We are in a self jail. I broke this jail today and went out to buy some necessary items in a nice environment. The sun is playing hide and seek with clouds.


Dhaka is a crowded city. In other words, this is a city of traffic jam. Now, the situation is totally different. When I stepped out to the main road, it looked unknown to me. The roads were almost empty, few people and cars were passing by me every 10-15 minutes interval. I was looking for an ATM booth to withdraw some money. I reached to Mirpur-10 crossing. I had to wait at least five minutes in this crossing due to huge traffic in normal time. You can see today’s situation of this place in below pictures. The place is almost empty.



There is a under construction metro railway in this area. It is stopped now in this lockdown situation. All the workers have returned to their home. This project will definitely be delayed. It was afternoon time. Looking at the empty roads, it seemed to me that I was walking in the midnight. Silence is everywhere.


All the shops were closed. Few grocery stores and medicine pharmacies were open. I went to a super shop to buy my necessary items. There was a long queue, they were allowing only few people inside to maintain the safety.

I took a three wheeler to return home. I found the same scenario while coming back. I took few pictures of this empty road.



We are crossing the peak of Corona virus pandemic in our country. The affected numbers are increasing rapidly every day. We should be careful and maintain all the safety rules to keep us safe from this deadly virus.

Stay safe always. Thanks.



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