Boulder Sunday at The Lower Susquehanna Greenways Trail

in GEMSlast year

I only have a few photos for you today! I took these photos at the Lower Susquehanna Greenways Trail which is part of the Susquehanna State Park in Harford County, Maryland.



I, surprisingly, did not see many rocks and boulders along the trail but did find some by the water.



I also found a few nice boulders by the old Stafford Flint Furnace which is right by the trail.



This is the old Stafford Flint Furnace and technically it is made with some big rocks! 😉



The furnace is also by the water so I knew I would find more rocks and boulders once I walked to the side of the furnace closest to the water.



This is my last photo and I took it from the bridge that we had to walk over to get to this trail. The rocks and boulders sure look a lot smaller from this vantage point but I think it's still a nice view of them! 😊


Thank you @shasta for #bouldersunday!!





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Thanks so much @pixresteemer!! 💖

Lots of rocks and boulders on your walk Dee. The old flint furnace reminds me of a giant billet. ❤️

Thanks Jo!! Ah...I would have to agree with you on that! 😉

I love the fact that we write posts about boulders of all different shapes and sizes @deerjay. The great thing is that they are everywhere in this world. Lovely photos.

Thank you so much @angiemitchell!! It is definitely one of my favorite tags to post on. 😊

You are very welcome🙏

That is exactly the type of place hubby and I would enjoy walking! <3 I love the photographs you have captures, it looks so peaceful and pleasant there.

Thanks Deb!! This is a great trail and I know you and Jon would love it. It is level and pretty long. The opposite end is at the Conowingo Dam so it is long but I don't walk the entire thing anymore. You can also bike ride on the trail and once in a great while someone will ride a horse on it. I'm always so wanting to pet the horse but don't want to spook it so I just stand to the side to let the horse and rider pass. 🙂

So many awesome boulders you have and wonderful
rivers and creeks ❤ @deerjay! Oh and even a giant
boulder bullet! lol
Always very enjoyable to see your photographs! :-)

Thank you so much @shasta and thank you for creating such a wonderful tag!! 💖

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Thanks so much @trendotoken and @pixresteemer!! 😉

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