Lily Of The Valley ~ The Tree

in GEMSlast year

I don't know if you've ever seen a lily of the valley tree but it is quite beautiful and fragrant as well.




I've seen the plant version and when I saw this tree at a house that my husband and I considered buying I thought it looked and smelled familiar.



It was easy to find out that it was the tree version of the plant.



Although it is very pretty and smells wonderful, I know the plant version is poisonous so I would think that the tree version is also.



It was very nice to see it and take photos of it but I don't plan on getting one for my yard. I don't want to take a chance of one of the animals ingesting it. I'm not worried about people as I rarely have visitors in my yard and my kids are both grown. I have been eyeing up some other plants and ornamental grasses which I would rather have that aren't considered to be so poisonous. I may even plant some more milkweed at the back of the yard for the butterflies.


That is if we make it through this coronavirus lockdown. All schools closed for at least two weeks, all restaurants, bars, theatres, gyms and libraries are now closed. All public events with more than 50 people banned. All festivals cancelled. Limiting visits to nursing homes. All casinos and racetracks closed. I fully expect that mandatory curfews and quarantines will be coming soon. Crazy times! It does make me wonder what we may not be being told. I know I can't be the only one wondering. Anyway, I hope my post finds ya'll safe and well and we all stay that way! 💞


Thank you @old-guy-photos for #treetuesday!!





Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!

Thank you very much @pixresteemer!! 💞

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Such a beautiful flower tree you would never image that this plant would be poisonous.

Thank you so much @bigsambucca!! It almost seems like the really pretty ones are. If it weren't for my daughter's bunnies then I would love to have one and even though she only had a couple get out once, I just don't wanna take any chances with them. 😉

Funny you say that but it is true and yes best not to take chances your daughter would not be happy if that happened. Stay safe and healthy 😊

Thank you very much @bigsambucca!! I would beat myself up if I were to cause such a thing. I hope you are faring well during this time?! Most places shut down here. You stay safe and healthy as well! 💖

Yes precautions are always got to be taken into consideration. We have a lock of lock downs over here also i was suppose to leave for Europe 2 weeks ago for work contract through the company i work for but that is not possible now i would rather stay here in Thailand i actually feel safer here 😊

Stay safe and healthy 😊

It sounds like that may have been a good thing too with everything going on. It is so weird like there is something more going on that we're not being told but I guess time will tell. My husband works in a grocery store so he has to go into work regardless until they are told otherwise. He works in the city and there is a huge Nat Guard presence there. Take care @bigsambucca! 💖

There is so much more to this indeed and we will never know the whole truth all we can do is be safe and stay healthy . Take care @deerjay :)

You know this is getting so confusing between Hive , esteem and Steemit i am getting comments on all so i got to be checking all the time now :)

It's so beautiful!! We sure are in crazy times, take care my friend!!

Thanks Deb!! You too!! 🤗 💞

A beautiful tree Dee. I’ve never seem one before but have seen the lily of the valley wildflowers. The smell must be awesome. 🌸 💕

Everything is shutdown here same as your area. Even if you die only the family can go to the wake.

Thanks so much Jo!! You know my cousin passed away about a month ago in a rehab facility and the family has had a hard time getting his body released for cremation. His brother told us that he is being told because there is a problem with his death certificate but know I'm wondering..I never heard of anything so strange. It's starting to feel like the "Twilight Zone" all over the world right now. Very weird! Stay safe and healthy my friend! 💞 🤗

Sorry to hear about your cousin’s passing Dee. 😢 These are strange times for sure.

It does feel like we are living in a Mad Max movie right now.

Be safe my friend. ❤️ 🤗

I recall 'Lilly of the Valley' eau de cologne from long ago. Thank you for the photos of the tree, so pretty. I did not know that the tree was poisonous either.

Thank you very much @angiemitchell!! That is the fragrance that I recognized when I saw these trees. I never knew they grew as a tree 😉

So unique and beautiful looking. Thanks for sharing

Thanks so much @robertandrew!! I thought so too. I'm so glad I got to see it and get some photos! 😊