Let's explore the sea! - easy draw and colour how to

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Hello, friends!

Last night i drew myself with my cat, imagination of me, we were exploring under the sea with a submarine. Cute and i love to draw it.

Materials and things needed:
a 2B mechanic pencil
an eraser
a sketch paper
a drawing pen
colour pencils (deli colourun and staedtler luna watercolour pencils)

How i made it:
First, i started from the submarine then myself and then my cat, we looked through the windows. I drew myself, the hair up with a bow while my cat was licking her tongue, cause she really wanted to eat the fish outside :9.


Then add some sea creatures such as fish, crab, seahorse, octopus, starfish, and shell. Also add the seaplants there. After finished, bold it all with the drawing pen then erase the pencil sketch.


Last, colour with the colour pencils. I used bolder colour to colour near the border lines.




Happy drawing & colouring!

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