Three enemy pests of farmers, grasshoppers, caterpillars and fruit flies.

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Back again, we are both working in the community that we are proud of, how are you all today, I hope today everything is still in good condition and healthy, all right for my chance this time, I will try to discuss a little about pests in general hated by farmers because they always interfere with their plants,the target of these pests are the leaves and fruit of the plants they plant, so as to make crop production reduced even if there are crop failures,the pests we mean here are grasshoppers, caterpillars and flies fruit, and there are still many more types of pests that exist in this world, but what we will discuss are the three types I mentioned above.




Wandering Grasshopper.

Wandering locust known as the Latin name Locusta migratoria manilensis Meyen, this Grasshopper is the only grasshopper species in the world undergoing a transformation phase of 51 species of Acrididae family member species, known as plant pests in Indonesia, and always attacks almost all horticultural plants , planted by farmers, grasshoppers become pests on the leaves of plants planted by farmers.


As I said earlier, wandering grasshoppers attack plant leaves for food, so that it can reduce leaf area and can disrupt the physiological functions of plants or plants that are attacked by grasshoppers. Damage from this grasshopper disturbance affects the productivity of plants planted by farmers, examples of grasshopper attacks in the form of tears on the leaves, and at the level of severe attacks can leave the bones and leaves of the plant alone, and even worse in certain attacks can eat stems and cobs on plants, damage produced by grasshopper pests on plants can reach 90% so that the effects of these attacks can result in crop failure, if no immediate action is taken.

Fruit Flies (Drosophila species)




Fruit flies in general can be found flying over leaves or ripe fruit, and we can see flying around the remnants of fermentation found in farmers' orchards and vegetable fields.

Fruit flies can breed in rotten fruit and also in dirty waterways, fruit flies only need to ferment the fruit or a thin layer of organic matter to be able to multiply properly, so its survival will continue to grow and survive with an increasing population.

As a result of the attack of fruit flies is to cause rotten fruit, and in certain plants such as chilli plants, in addition to rot can also cause hair loss in chillies which can cause great losses for farmers due to crop failure, this can be overcome by installing a fly trap or spraying it insecticide.




There are so many types of caterpillars in this world, and in the picture above is the type of caterpillar on an orange leaf plant, at first glance we see this caterpillar will look so beautiful, but the caterpillar is still a pest for plants and their enemies.

Like most caterpillars, these pests attack young leaves of citrus plants, the process is an adult Insects laying eggs on top of orange leaves, and then after the eggs of the caterpillars hatch, the caterpillars will enter the leaves of the plant, namely by make a hole under the epidermis of the orange plant, especially on young orange leaves. On the orange plants affected by the caterpillar attack, we can see the leaves will appear wrinkled, curled and even curly and visible marks on young leaves of the orange plant.

Here below are the characteristics of leaves that have been affected by pests such as grasshoppers and caterpillars.



That's a little discussion about the enemy pests of farmers against plants, sorry if there are mistakes in the delivery of these pests, stay safe, stay at home, protect our families from the corona virus pandemic and have a nice day.

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