"La Belleza" // "The Beauty" poem (original) by @dianakyv

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La Belleza // The Beauty

La belleza no es externa
la belleza va en tu interior
se refleja en tu alma
y en tu noble corazón

La belleza es musa
es también inspiración
no se exhibe, no se mide
ella es luz que irradia esplendor

Nunca tuvo un principio
porque tampoco tiene final
muchos dicen que es un mito,
al contrario ella se puede afectar

El contar con humildad
por si sola ella brilla
así la belleza será
como luz en la oscuridad

Beauty is not external
beauty goes inside you
is reflected in your soul
and in your noble heart

Beauty is muse
it's also inspiration
not displayed, not measured
she is light that radiates splendor

Never had a beginning
because it also has no end
many say it is a myth,
on the contrary she can be affected

Counting on humility
by itself she shines
so beauty will be
like light in the dark


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Nice Poem Diana! We would LOVE to have you at the contest Music For Steem! You just have to post your song on STEEMIT first!

Muchisimas gracias!!

woouu! what an honor thank you very much! I will try to be the week 5 !. Thanks for taking me into consideration!. a hug!.