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RE: The situation with DCooperation !

in GEMSlast year

I am only here to power down and saw this post. Once I power down, I will only be on Hive. I haven't delegated to your account, just never thought of it, but my opinion has no weight, since I have not delegated.

As far as I can tell, everyone is leaving.


Everyone has an opinion. Thanks for sharing it. If I see more people who at least notice @dcooperation post saying something, of course I will listen to them. We are not having even comments here as you see. You can't imagine how much time I did spend building this. I fighted for this community. In the end as you see my effort aren't bringing that big results. I feel wasting my time. Time is the most important for all of us. If I see the situation the same, I just will have to do what's planed. At least in hive we have some active people. Thanks a lot for leaving your opinion. Join us in hive.