On achieving the goal of coming to God after death: The case of Luther’s catechism and Pontoppidan’s explanation

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We cannot expect that all environments will be religious, but religion is a difficult subject for many with getting all the messages, but it is also important for the what to do and what to believe to the bliss in heaven in socializing with and enjoying God because God is the center of the Christianity, and when sciences cannot explain more, you must move to a religion, or you do not care!

During the 1700s, many pupils in the schools were stamped as incompetent and foolish, since they had problems with learning Pontoppidan’s explanation, and Pontoppidan himself was professor in theology and he was a bishop in Bergen. And Luther was also a professor, and he had some controversial meanings, and such instances will often imply splits in the churches and maybe in the schools, and these things are bad for the schools reputation, and for the people being employed there.

Luther made a small and a large cathecism, and these books are important for defining and explaining the life, and what God is in human nature and in nature. A catechism is a religious conviction and a statement of serious living conditions, and often the books in question is organized in questions and answers. Luther was great in philosophy and in theology, and he was also a great poet. And he did not love all people from all countries, but he made himself some opinions that were badly reflected in research, and therefore he got problems! But both Pontoppidan and Luther were regarded as great thinkers, and they did much in many countries to explain what the reality, the earth and the universe are really about. And development, changing and moving developing countries and industrial countries even better, were always case on the mind, also in Pontoppidan’s and in Luther’s lifetime.

Giving explanation is the most important thing that any scientific discipline with all the literature you can find in the world is engaged with. And otherwise we talk a lot of nonsense and make mistakes, and these mistakes can imply trauma and nightmares many times after the bad experiences that we can experience. Life is about products and many things, and we just experience things due to what we think and mean, and maybe our opinions should be wasted away, and not they should not be accepted. If you are the best person many places at schools, search for the best universities worldwide. And you can become a name and learn things forever in mind in life!

Framing is always about what you think something should be understood, and why you think that. Making models implies inclusion and exclusion of variables, and this is true both for formative and reflective models, and we can measure the concept in both types of models. But as sciences, it is naïve to just believe in what we are working with, because how was this bird really a bird, and how was fish really that fish? And how could this development and evolution be? It is therefore not strange that people today means that there is a God above all conceivable human brains and framing!

So, should you accept anything today? You should think and think better and in more ways than the oppositiont! Research communities are consisting of people, and we need discussions and different ways to see the life and the earth and the universe, from many people. If all is in agreement, we just need one human at earth! Have you thought about that? We therefore need precision and diversity at the higher education places. And being the best and the strongest person in sciences at earth, means that you should attend the best places!

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