On using our energy to find an effective vaccine for covid-19! The case of finding relevant and visible antibodies!

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We should fight to delete the Corona-virus in the different populations in the world. There is still too much infection our there, and the people getting the virus have probably been travelling too much!

Today, we have a pleasure for the world. The companies Pfizer and BioNtech have discovered how to make an effective virus to fight againt the covid-19. The vaccine is relatively effective, it can be 90 % or more than 90 % effective. And that is much. In Norway, the whole population is not positive to use the vaccine, and 40 % of the population means that we should not use this vaccine. The vaccine has really shocked the world, and even the stock exchanges in the world have reacted with better curves in the prices. So there is optimism in the world! And we must often use the best researchers among us to find the solution on important problems, and we should be happy with finding a way out of this trouble with the Corona-virus.

We are not sure about the country-of-origin for the Corona-virus, although some are pointing on China, and the same people are meaning that the causes and the effects of the virus come from the country mentioned. There is no agreement among the researchers about where the virus is coming from. Some researchers mean that the Pangolin has spread and mutated the virus. And some researchers mean that the shellfish has caught the world in the trouble we see now. And other researchers, like me, have a free framework and are not sure about its origin. But when coming to how people in research environments have reacted and still is reacting, we know all the statements and all the movements from anybody!

People and organizations and just the free ways to be, have opinions about what is going on. And the researchers often do not know more than the current knowledges and talents in their working environments, and that knowledges are not necessarily enough and properly. In Norway, probably around 50 % of the population need to take the vaccine, if we should come back to the normal life once more. We do not need any more messages in our bodies than our own to function in life, but we can listen to and read about what other people are doing, both normal people and researchers everywhere. And there is much uncertainty about the vaccines that are coming, but we do not create more myths than is appropriate and true for the population we are examining from time to time. Some countries have high density among the people in the ways that they are living together, and we should all come together and do our best in the environments. But you and I do not need to agree with the majority opinions among the researchers, we can take the standpoints ourselves, and nobody has true knowledges about everything, and hence we cannot be in agreement with each other unless we have the same reliability and validity for doing the market investigations and the general and specific investigations.

Too many people have died of the Corona-virus, and this is due to wrong philosophy of governing the nations, or no philosophy of governing the nations with taking into account the Corona-virus and the spread of the infection. We also know that many people, for instance in Italy, Spain and France, have another traditions and close relations for the families, and this means that there are more Corona-virus in these countries than in other countries. Carelessness and accidents are also causes for the infection of the virus, and an example is Sweden. We should believe in ourselves and our doings, and nobody can claim to be better than another, unless there are good reasons for it. The Czech Republic has also high rates of infection, and we should not travel too much or not travelling to red countries. We can then be quarantined, and this slows down our movement patterns.

We should run the marathons to be better people in writing and with regard to what we are doing, and also about being stronger in what we can do everywhere. We should not be afraid of getting red card in different environments, since we are friendly, and since we have the same framing and/or the different framing about what is happening.

We should spread the vaccine to different countries, and we should take it soon to get rid of thinking on this virus every day.

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